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SAC Sharing on the latest Pathway for Polytechnic students

On the 25th of November 2015, Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) came down to Singapore Polytechnic to give DAC Students a talk on a new professional pathway available for us.

Mr Loh sharing about the AD pathway

Mr Uantchern Loh, Chief Executive of SAC, shared with us on the latest pathway available for all diploma students. He showed a mind map of the current pathways we can take to become a chartered accountant. He then introduced a new pathway, the Advance Diploma (AD) pathway, which is an alternative pathway from the traditional university path. This AD is the shortest pathway to become a chartered accountant. For students taking the AD pathway, students will work in an accredited firm and take 6 papers in 18 months in Nee Ann Polytechnic. The 6 papers are split up into 2 papers every 6 months. Upon competition the 6 papers, students will take the Singapore Qualification Programme (SQP) for 3 years. This takes us 4.5 years to become a chartered accountant. If we choose the university route, it will take us 6-7 years (3-4 years in a local university and another 3 years doing the SQP) to become a chartered accountant. Hence this new AD route is a faster route for diploma students.

The new pathway for diploma students

Mr Loh also shared that many firms have expressed their interest in hiring students pursuing this AD route. He mentioned that EY are looking to hire about 100 AD students. Hence this route provides us with a wonderful job too!

DAC students listening attentively

This AD pathway means I can become a chartered accountant faster and start an accounting job in the working world earlier! This talk has broadened my horizon of the accounting sector. I now know of the multiple pathways to become a chartered accountant.

Loh Jin Liang, DAC/FT/2B/01


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