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India Trip Reflection

As this was not my first trip to India, I assumed that I knew what to expect. Alas, little did I know that the study trip will expose me to a different India: the India tourists seldom get to see.

The first few visits were to factories in Agra where manufacturing was still very much a manual process which was diametrically opposed to the high-ceilinged behemoth with sparkling high-tech machineries that I had imagined I would get to see.  Instead, the factories were small, ramshackle outfits where man and machine were tightly packed together.  It was indeed a shock but I also realised that it was such factories that provided the much needed employment and income to sustain the Indian families in the lower strata of India’s burgeoning economy.

At the other end of the spectrum was an Information Technology (IT) company that we visited. This company manages the computer systems of its clients. I learnt much about computer technology through this visit but, more than that, I was astounded by the quality of work environment and the caliber of employees working there.  The executives were well-groomed and we were able to converse in English.  How two different worlds could co-exist within the same country can only be unraveled by a study trip such as this. And, even then, we would have barely scratched the surface but, at least, it is a start.

There are still so many more things that I learnt from this study trip; be it in terms of knowledge about India or about my classmates or even about myself. However, instead of narrating to you about my journey of discovery, why don’t you join the Diploma in International Business course and discover for yourself the business world out there!


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