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Upcoming Events

School of Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS) Flagship Programme 2016

We will be conducting a range of workshops where you will have the opportunity to have an early taste on the kind of training that our current students have in the laboratories from the respective diploma programme.

Oct 16

Folkestone Festival 2016

Let your hair down and raise your hands up!

18 Nov 16

SP Engineering Camp 2016

This programme will help secondary school O-level leavers discover and appreciate the importance of engineering through teamed hands-on role-playing games.

19 Nov 16

Singapore Maritime Academy Reach Out (SMART) Programme for Uniformed Groups

Teachers and students from the various uniformed groups interested to have a first-hand experience in understanding what the vibrant maritime and shipping industry is all about will find this programme useful.

17 Oct - 25 Nov 16

Maritime Youth Day

Take on this 1-day Olympiad which is jointly organised by The Singapore Maritime Foundation and the Singapore Maritime Academy of Singapore Polytechnic.

30 Nov 16

The Power of Empathy in Innovation (PEI) Workshop

Targeting upper secondary school students, the PEI will highlight the power of empathy to identify innovation opportunities that have helped many organisations achieve commercial and sustainable success in the market place.

Nov 16