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  • SP is Awesome!
    The rumours are true - SP is a pretty awesome place to be in. Not convinced that SP rules? We give you twelve irresistible reasons why!
  • Be InSPired
    Read the inspirational stories of individuals who overcame the odds through sheer determination and a passion for learning.
  • Successful Graduates
    Check out the long list of SP graduates excelling and clinching scholarships from organisations and universities!

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Apply for a poly course before your O-Levels
Excelling by Overcoming the Odds
Everyone learns differently and there is no one size fits all when it comes to education. This perspective is one that SP graduate Zhang Zhirong knows all too well, when he broke the stereotypes that others placed upon him to emerge successful.

SPIRIT Magazine

Spirit Magazine
We are only limited by our own imagination. Students from SP Design School definitely understands this! From a ‘Koin Pouch’ to hipster gunny sack tote bags, you name it! Find out what other interesting projects they have come up with in SPIRIT, SP’s campus magazine.

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