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Game Development Centre



The Game Development Centre features labs with high-performance PC workstations and game consoles. Each PC is equipped with high-end graphics cards for interactive computer graphics programming, and multi-core processors with increased memory for high-performance game development for PC, mobile, and game console platforms.


The labs include dual-screen set-ups that simulate game development industry work environments, and encourage Agile Development team processes using Scrum.


Students will be able to get hands-on practice with the latest in game engines such as Unity, Epic's Unreal Engine, Xbox game consoles, Kinect, Kickstarter game console Ouya, and the Oculus Rift. Play-testing and critique sessions facilitate deep reviews and analysis of commercial, indie, and academic games and technologies.


Students get hands-on practice with technologies such as popular game engines, digital content creation software and console game development with the Xbox 360. Play testing sessions allow for profound reviews and analysis of commercial and academic game products.


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