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Electrical Electronic Engineering Club

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The Club for all students of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering! It has its hand in a host of student activities especially for EEE students, ranging from games to large-scale events such as SPINNOVEX, a must-see students' final-year projects exhibition to the annual Freshmen Orientation programme, and what must the highlight, the Annual Dinner & Dance.


As EEE students are generally also in sports, the club also holds events such as bowling competitions, soccer, LAN gaming competitions and badminton games. Besides these, other interesting events include the Fun Chalet and Night Cycling. Our students also actively take part in SP Sports Day.


Club members enjoy the privilege of borrowing games, sports equipment and technical equipment. As EEEC members, students get to do more than just studies, and become well-rounded students. Check out EEEC's upcoming events on SP events calendar.


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