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Freshmen Orientation


Each year, the School warmly welcomes new students to its fold with an exciting activities-packed programme. This normally begins a week before the start of the new academic year.

Freshmen Orientation Programme 2015 starts Monday 13th April and will be as follows:




Date & Time

Welcome Programme:

SP Convention Centre

13th April (Monday), 9am

Classbuilding workshop

Refer to Programme List

Refer to Programme List

Diploma Guidance Programme

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Refer to Programme List

SP Flag Day, in support of the President's Challenge

All around Singapore

16th April (Thursday), Morning


For more information, download the SEEE Freshmen Orientation Programme 2015 (pdf).

Throughout the activities, senior students will be on hand to help the new students who will not only be introduced to their course of study and the academic environment, but will also have the opportunity to get to know their new friends, and thus be able to study and work together with a sense of belonging and teamwork. They will also get to know the SP campus better, as this will be their second home for three years to come.


Making friends

Get to know more people at the freshmen orientation.