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Industrial Training Programme (ITP)


Second year full-time diploma students will be attached to a local or overseas company or business organization during their vacation to gain the working experience from the industry. This gives them a good opportunity to pick up technical knowledge and practical skills not taught in classrooms. The students will also learn how to work together with industrial workers and professionals and acquire communication skills essential in a working environment.

Overseas ITP (OITP) is an avenue by which students, anticipating the needs in the future to work overseas, can prepare themselves mentally and culturally for future challenges in emerging markets such as those in China and India.

Several successful overseas industrial programmes have been conducted by the School. These programmes focus not only on the technical skills but also aims to immerse students in the social and cultural environments of their host countries. Available attachments in China include locations such as Beijing, Changchun, Shenzhen and Weifang. Placements have also been secured at universities in New Zealand, Australia and Germany.