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Name Designation Telephone
Adnan Ahmed Salman Research Engineer 67721702
Andy Ngai Academic Mentor 68790613
Ang Chew Peng Technical Supervisor 67721680
Ang Teck Sing Senior Lecturer 68790641
Anne Chan Pui Han Senior Lecturer 67721174
Arun Kumar Senior Lecturer 68704892
Asadollah Norouzi Lecturer 68790651
Au Siew Hong Senior Lecturer 68790654
Au Yong Choong Peng Lecturer 67721219
Barbera Chen Kwai Mooi Technical Support Officer 67721703
Cai Zhi Qiang Senior Lecturer 67721542
Carlos Acosta Senior Lecturer 68704896
Chaganti D V Subrahmanyam Senior Lecturer 67721638
Chan-Tan Yuek Wee Senior Lecturer 68704886
Chee Choong Yang Course Chair 67721379
Chee Fong Yeow Technical Support Officer 67721908
Chew Boon Seng Lecturer 68707010
Chia Boon Heng Technical Support Officer 68706035
Chia Chew Lin Lecturer 68708244
Chia Chow Leong Deputy Director 67721355
Chia Soo Ping Course Chair 68704881
Chong Siew Ping Senior Lecturer 68790647
Chong Wee Tat Technical Support Officer 68706135
Choong Chuen Kit Technical Support Officer 67721695
Chu Tee Khiang Technical Supervisor 67721223
Chua Bing Sheng Technical Support Officer 67721167
Chua Boon Leong Technical Support Officer 68707088
Chua Kay Chiang Senior Lecturer 67721442
Chua Kok Soon Senior Lecturer 67721443
Chua Low Boon Senior Lecturer 68790673
Chung Ock Jin Senior Lecturer 68790691
Danny Lee Senior Lecturer 68708029
Danny Quek Senior Lecturer 67721257
David Li Chung Ping Senior Lecturer 68790695
Dee Puay Hwa Technical Support Officer 67721692
Derrick Ting Lee Hou Lecturer 67721688
Dilip Battul Senior Lecturer 67721420
Don Ng Kheng Ann Technical Support Officer 67721684
Elaine Tai Management Support Officer 68706094
Fauziah Bte Othman Senior Lecturer 67721494
Fazil Bin Manap Technical Supervisor 67721713
Fazlur Rahman Senior Lecturer 67721360
Fok Hup Foon Technical Support Officer 67721685
Francis Er Ling Lecturer 68707858
Gillian Lam Senior Administrative Officer 67721074
Goh Boon Hwee Senior Lecturer 67721439
Goh Chong Miang Senior Lecturer 68790620
Goh Say Seng Course Chair 68706199
Goh Wee Meng Technical Support Officer 68708027
Guo Jian Technical Support Officer 67721598
Hamzah Bin Hussein Technical Support Officer 68704722
He Qun Technical Support Officer 67721924
He Yingjie Lecturer 68706054
Heng Chiang Hiong Senior Lecturer 67721192
Hie Wie Tiong Senior Lecturer 68790638
Ho Hooi Chee Senior Lecturer 68707039
Ho Kuang Cheng Senior Lecturer 68707057
Ho Soon Seng Senior Lecturer 67721386
How Seo Tin Senior Technical Support Officer 67721388
Hui Wing Hong Senior Lecturer 68704718
Ivan Hoe Course Chair 68706053
Jaichandar K S Senior Lecturer 68790628
Jason Li Senior Technical Support Officer 68706195
Jiang Fan Senior Lecturer 68790629
Jiang Hao Senior Lecturer 68704846
Joel Zhou Administrative Officer 67721318
Jolyon P Caplin Senior Lecturer 67721436
Julie Fan Wan Ping Lecturer 68790623
Kam Lup Fai Senior Lecturer 67721240
Kenny Chan Kwok Chee Technical Support Officer 67721894
Kenny Chiang Lecturer 68707058
Kng Beng Kee Technical Supervisor 67721678
Kwa Teck Poey Senior Lecturer 67721840
Lam Yee Ki Senior Lecturer 68790615
Lau Chung Meng Academic Mentor 68790639
Lau Shook Fong Senior Lecturer 67721445
Lau Yuen Kit Senior Lecturer 67721754
Leck Hwang Keng Senior Lecturer 68790611
Lee Chee Whye Deputy Director 68707976
Lee Choon Sun Senior Lecturer 67721554
Lee Kah Mein Tracey Senior Lecturer 67721380
Lee Kheng Kwang Lecturer 68790630
Lee Kuoh Lih Lecturer 68790679
Lee Mei Lai Senior Lecturer 68790657
Lee Pui Yin Senior Lecturer 67721359
Leong Fai Choy Senior Lecturer 67721214
Leong Kin Seng Senior Lecturer 67721375
Leung Kin On Senior Lecturer 67721576
Lim Bock Teck Senior Lecturer 67721694
Lim Buey Kiang Senior Lecturer 68707026
Lim Chin Pong Senior Lecturer 67721544
Lim Joo Ghee Senior Lecturer 68708243
Lim Yuen Siong Senior Lecturer 68790676
Loh Yau Loong Technical Support Officer 68707804
Loh Yew Chiong Director 67721815
Low Keng Cheow Technical Support Officer 68704721
Low Kok Hee Technical Support Officer 68706073
Low Lee Ngo Senior Lecturer 67721247
Low Yu Shun Technical Support Officer 67721306
Loy Sim Pin Lecturer 68790687
Lu Hongli Senior Lecturer 68790636
Lui Siew Kwok Senior Lecturer 68790696
Lynn Chhia Management Support Officer 68706113
M Fikret Ercan Senior Lecturer 68790693
Mak Lin Seng Lecturer 68790640
Malek Bin Jos Technical Support Officer 67721774
Margret Gomez Management Support Officer 67721815
Mark Wan Chi Ming Academic Mentor 68790643
Marliya Amin Management Support Officer 67721935
Melvyn U Myint Oo Senior Lecturer 68790688
Michael Lim Ah Tiong Technical Support Officer 67721716
Mike Ong Chin Siang Senior Lecturer 68704709
Mohd Isham Bin Alias Technical Support Officer 67721385
Mohd Zakaria Bin Abdul Rahman Technical Support Officer 68706037
Mok Kam Tim Senior Lecturer 67721732
Monir Bin Woodi Technical Support Officer 67721183
Muhammad Khairi Bin Ahmad Technical Support Officer 67721891
Neo Aik Khoon Technical Support Officer 67721893
Neo Aik Yong Technical Support Officer 67721168
Ng Kai Meng Senior Lecturer 67721434
Ng-Mok Sau Chin Lecturer 68704719
Nur Akmar Bin Mahat Technical Support Officer 68790624
Oen Miow Luan Technical Supervisor 68707090
Ong Gim Bee Technical Support Officer 67721679
Ong Hock San Lecturer 68704884
Patrick Chow Pak Kin Senior Lecturer 67721128
Patrick Lee Han Eng Technical Support Officer 68707053
Paul Lee Po Yee Senior Lecturer 67721296
Peh King Sing Senior Lecturer 67721721
Phoa Ngee Kiat Lecturer 67721540
Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw Lecturer 68790450
Poh Chiew Guat Technical Support Officer 68706052
Qua Pheng Thiam Senior Lecturer 67721382
Raymond Ho Weng Kiong Senior Lecturer 67721371
Roger Chiun Koon Yong Senior Lecturer 68790616
Rosa Tan-Wong Ah Hoon Senior Lecturer 68790612
Rubaina Khan Lecturer 68708242
Ruhani Bte Suleiman Management Support Officer 67721415
Safura Bte Anwar Academic Mentor 68790652
Sampath Kumar Senior Lecturer 68790632
See Tow Pak Cheong Senior Lecturer 67721473
Seow Boon Chor Senior Lecturer 67721538
Shanker Maniam Lecturer 68790627
Sim Boon Quang Senior Lecturer 67721373
Sim-Tan Gek Keow Lecturer 67721423
Sing Mong Nguang Senior Lecturer 67721709
Sivaraman Meenakshi Senior Lecturer 68704714
Sng Hong Lian Deputy Director 68706098
Soo Bee Hong Senior Lecturer 67721383
Suraya Bte Suppian Technical Support Officer 67721294
Tan Bee Teck Senior Lecturer 68704620
Tan Chee Seng Lecturer 68708210
Tan Chiao Ning Technical Support Officer 67721067
Tan Chin Hee Technical Support Officer 67721416
Tan Hai Su Lecturer 67721184
Tan Hak Hwee Senior Lecturer 68790661
Tan Hoe Heng Senior Lecturer 68704890
Tan Hong Hin Senior Lecturer 68790633
Tan Hua Joo Senior Lecturer 67721767
Tan Hwee Siang Lecturer 67721435
Tan Kian Chuan Technical Support Officer 67721677
Tan Kwee Teck Course Chair 68790622
Tan Min Inn Senior Lecturer 68790656
Tan Ngiap Chee Technical Support Officer 67721681
Tan Swee Lyn Technical Support Officer 67721246
Tan Tiong Kwee Lecturer 68790655
Tan Toh Seng Senior Lecturer 68790653
Tan-Tay Teck Bee Senior Lecturer 68790617
Tang Lian Geck Technical Support Officer 67721305
Tay Hong Eng Management Support Officer 67721814
Tay Wee Pheng Technical Support Officer 67721704
Teo Chin Heng Senior Lecturer 67721449
Teo Francis Senior Lecturer 68790692
Teo Shin Jen Lecturer 67721024
Tham Kum Hong Lecturer 67721437
Than Keng Hwa Senior Lecturer 68790658
Thian Boon Meng Senior Lecturer 68706080
Thio-Tang Choy Yong Senior Lecturer 68790631
Toh Seong Huang Technical Support Officer 67721700
Toh Ser Khoon Deputy Director 67721352
Tony Suah Lecturer 67721251
Tsui Ping Senior Lecturer 68790671
Voon Ching Choo Senior Lecturer 67721381
Wang Hua Swee Senior Lecturer 67721384
Wang Huaqian Senior Lecturer 67721720
Wen Kin Meng Senior Lecturer 68790697
Wong Ann Ming Allan Senior Lecturer 68790649
Wong Chee Yong Senior Lecturer 68790672
Wong Kwee Yin Senior Lecturer 68790682
Wong Weng Yew Senior Lecturer 68790689
Wong Yat Keong Senior Lecturer 68704889
Yang Liping Lecturer 68790626
Yang Zhizong Senior Lecturer 68704893
Yap Yew Seng Roy Technical Support Officer 67721368
Yeo Gau Siong Technical Support Officer 67721791
Yuan Zhongxuan Senior Lecturer 68790662
Zhang Qi Research Engineer 67721369
Zhu Bochun Senior Lecturer 68790637