SP Engineering

Preparing you to be a leader in your engineering field.


Nurturing the curiosity in your mind to the engineering and digital world.

Facilities for Practical Training

Students and staff at School of EEE have access to the most up-to-date facilities for training and development, with many general-purpose and specialised laboratories.

There are 9 technology centres, categorized under four technology clusters, and numerous laboratories for projects and teaching purposes.


Aerospace Labs





Biomedical Labs





Broadband and VOIP Labs




Computer Networking Labs






Communications and Satellite Labs





Control and Process Labs





Electromagnetic Devices Labs





Electrical Installation Lab




Green Mobility Lab





Introduction to Engineering / Innovation, Design, Enterprise in Action (IDEA) Labs





Networks and Servers Labs





Power Electronic and Drives Lab




Power System Simulator Lab





Solar  Photovoltaics Lab



Wafer Fabrication Lab