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Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) JAE Code: S48

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Jacqueline's DHRMP Journey in SP


  • Today Jacqueline can stand proud of her achievements. Jacqueline graduated with a First Class Honours in Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Nanyang Technological University!

  • The most memorable experience I had in SP was when I went for an overseas immersion program in Suzhou, China. The 5 months alone in a foreign land, experiencing snow for the first time and learning in another language was indeed life-changing.

  • I was not the smartest person in school and in fact rather average. I guess my academic success boils down to my personal mantra of doing and giving my best in everything I do.

  • According to Jacqueline, “Joining a polytechnic at that time was quite unusual for students who qualified for a junior college. I however decided to take this path as I wanted a more hands-on and practical course.”

  • Jacqueline Melissa Hongadi began her DHRMP journey in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Business School.

    Jacqueline's batch was the pioneer group of students in the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology in 2008