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Diploma in International Business (DIB) JAE Code: S36 The last intake for the Diploma in International Business course will be for the Academic Year 2016/2017.


Q1: Can you explain your diploma briefly?

A course which grooms you to be a global talent in business for Asia.
  • Strategic global mindset
  • Competitive edge in international business
  • Strong cross cultural skills
  • International operations manager
  • Business developer
  • Global brand executive

Q2: What is Special About this Course?

  • Tri City Study Mission which provides you first-hand experience of living and studying in a foreign culture and environment
  • An integrated learning approach that cuts across a few modules where you focus on various aspects of doing business in a particular country
  • Strong focus on Cultural Intelligence which helps you to develop the capacity to operate successfully in culturally diverse situations
  • Overseas study trips where you can breathe the business culture of another country
  • Through Unboxed student agency, you will be involved in real world client projects which help to strengthen your theory-practice based learning
  • Forums organised by Business China where you can network with industry executives and be more bi-cultural
  • Advanced standing from reputable overseas universities
Your school, your students, Singapore businesses and Singapore itself should benefit.... Graduates will be able to use their knowledge at the next step, whether it is further education or a job that will need expertise in international business.
Dr. Mark Hoven Stohs

Professor of Finance and Director,
Business Honors Program,
California State University, Fullerton.