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Diploma in Financial Informatics (DFI - S46)


Empower through
financial intelligence
and insights!





Lessons are always engaging as the active learning approach engages students to interact, ask question and think critically.
Lam Ying Sheng

DFI graduate and SP Institutional Aware winner,is awarded a double degree scholarship from Singapore Management University and Singapore University in Technology & Design

What I like most about DFI is the strong sense of belonging among the peers, our seniors and juniors, lecturers and alumnus. Together, we support each other and have lots of fun and fond memories
Ng Sin Yee

DFI graduate and NUS Scholar


I just love the bonding and sense of belonging in DFI. I enjoyed my school life very much! It is lively with the right mix of learning and fun, and truly develop me holistically as an individual. It is possible to work hard and play hard!
Lim Chee Yuan

DFI student and student chapter vice chairman

Diploma in Financial Informatics (DFI - S46)


Diploma in Financial Informatics is a leading business course that develops your financial intelligence and the ability to transform information into insights. The uniquely designed curriculum equips you with:

  1. A broad base foundational business knowledge
  2. Specialised financial and risk management know-how
  3. Transferable data analytics and computational skills

The course adopts an active learning approach centred on rigorous discussions on real-world business cases and project works with industry. You will have an authentic learning experience in the Financial Informatics Lifelong Learning Space (FILLS) that will also hone your critical thinking skills, project management skills and interpersonal skills.


Expand your career options

Singapore as a leading global financial centre and analytics hub in this information age will constantly require experts who possess financial intelligence and insights that others don’t. You will find yourself very competitive in the finance industry and coupled with your data analytics competencies which are transferable skills across all sectors, the world is your oyster!


Many pathways for further studies

DFI graduates have been successfully admitted to a variety of degree courses in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Business Analytics and Information System both locally and overseas.


Diploma in Financial Informatics in Singapore Polytechnic Business School is also well recognised by many professional bodies. You will have a head-start to pursue professional certification from the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA), the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) as well as the Institute of Banking and Finance in Risk Management.


Course Higlights
  • The 3-5 months of internship may just land you your first job! You have the opportunity to work with reputable companies such as OCBC, DBS, IBM and E&Y to gain credible work experience.
  • Know your market and be trained in Bloomberg and SAP information services, which are central to day-to-day real-world workings of the global financial market.
  • Mentorship from experienced industry practitioners through the client-based Final Year Projects.
  • Overseas Work Programme that expands your network and shapes your global perspective!
  • Venture out of your comfort zone to our neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for life-changing-experience social innovation and community projects.
  • Opportunities to take part in prestigious competitions, excel in it and be the best you can be!
  • Diploma Plus Programmes in Accountancy, Programming & Applications, Psychology and Design Thinking for those who have a wider range of interests and would like to stretch themselves.
  • Leadership training through hands-on event management experience and boot camps.
  • Many exciting out-of-the classroom activities such as grooming workshops, out-in-the-field fiestas and the signature bonding camps.
  • Opportunities for scholarships, bursaries and book prizes!


Curriculum Focus

DFI prepares you to work in the finance sector as well as in the function of risk management, analytics, technology and operations across sectors.


The curriculum offers broad picture of an organisation, and allows you to see multiple perspectives of the same problem. For instance, you learn to invest and concurrently manage the relevant risk. You learn how financial products work end-to-end enterprise wide and hence better appreciate the interdependencies of issues and departments.


The curriculum integrates the subjects in business, finance, data analytics and technological techniques and applications to empower students with broader perspectives. Solving real-world problems increasingly require the capacity to see a bigger picture due to the multi-faceted nature of the real-world issues, and the capacity to evaluate and solve problems with multidisciplinary skills is a great strength! Concurrently, the curriculum also strives to develop deeper skill sets in your know-how to gain financial intelligence and business insights.


Theories are reinforced with hands-on practicum and projects. Team learning is ingrained in the curriculum to cultivate collaboration and interpersonal skills. Applied learning will be intensified through working on capstone projects and internship in your third year of study.

DFI prepares you to work in the finance sector as well as in the function of risk management, data analytics, technology and operations across all sectors. It offers you competitive advantages as it is well aligned with various Professional Certifications.