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Director's Welcome

CLS Director

A warm welcome to Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS)!


Our courses feature a blend of traditional and active learning approaches, facilitated by well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff in modern and contemporary facilities. The overall learning experience and numerous leadership development opportunities at Singapore Polytechnic is intended to future-proof our students with skills in their career journey.


Life at CLS is indeed colorful and exciting – from varied teaching pedagogies, prestigious internships, to the wide selection of co-curricular activities and participation in competitions, and impactful community projects – all of which present opportunities to build character, and to groom an inclination for design thinking-based creativity, innovation and enterprise.


The 50 year history and the School’s focus on excellence in teaching, learning and research has earned its standing by industry and educational communities as a premier educational institution in the field of chemical and life sciences.


Our extensive network of alumni has played a major role in the development of our programmes, and providing training and employment opportunities.


Come discover CLS!


Dr Adrian Yeo

School of Chemical & Life Sciences