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Name Designation Telephone
Adeline Koh Mei Choo Academic Mentor 68706140
Adrian Elangovan Senior Lecturer 68704649
Adrian Yeo Chao Chuang Director 67721022
Agnes Tan Ah Har Lecturer 68708221
Amos Goh Choon Ngee Senior Lecturer 68707880
Andrew Kon Kwok Leong Senior Lecturer 68706141
Annabel Ang Course Chair 67721898
Audrey A Yuen Senior Lecturer 68706145
Audrey Chen Lecturer 68790490
Carol Leung Course Chair 68707841
Chan Ching Yee Senior Lecturer 68790608
Chan Chung Hou Senior Lecturer 68706075
Chan Yuen Mun Academic Mentor 67721083
Cheah Sin Moh Senior Academic Mentor 68706150
Cheng Zuolian Senior Lecturer 68790468
Chia Chiu Ling Technical Support Officer 65902744
Chia Fu Siong Senior Lecturer 68790496
Chiang Lee Keau Technical Supervisor 67721101
Chong Fui Chin Programme Lead 67721601
Choo Yang Sim Senior Lecturer 68708039
Choo-Ong Chin Ling Senior Lecturer 68790483
Chua Poh Hui Lecturer 68704648
Claire Ng Huiting Sector Coordinator 68707842
Connie Chow Technical Supervisor 68707843
Danny Sim Chek Hoo Senior Lecturer 67721745
Denice Cheryl Lee Mun Li Technical Support Officer 68706096
Dorine Ong Management Support Officer 67721811
Dylan Eng Lecturer 67721765
Edmund Lui Lecturer 68708313
Eugene Koh Lecturer 68708212
Evelyn Lee Soo Min Senior Lecturer 68706142
Florence Toh Geok Lan Technical Support Officer 68790495
Foo Jon-Yi Technical Support Officer 67721649
Gilbert Teo Lecturer 68708253
Goh Tong Hng Senior Lecturer 68790475
Grace Ang Sio Hong Management Support Officer 68706071
Grace Siew Heng Wai Administrative Officer 67721027
Gregory Poi Senior Lecturer 68790609
Heng Jun Jie Lecturer 68708043
Ho Chee Kong Lecturer 68706183
Ivan Leung Senior Lecturer 68708249
Jamie Lye Lecturer 67721052
Jeffrey Whey Course Chair 68790492
Jeremy Tan Lecturer 65902783
Jessie Tong Senior Lecturer 68790481
Jessy Yau Lecturer 67721654
Jin Kai Senior Lecturer 68704878
Jocelyn Chua Lecturer 68704607
Joe Ong Lecturer 67721130
Joel Lee Wah Ling Senior Lecturer 68707072
Justin Lim Technical Support Officer 67721117
Kallakuri Sumasri Academic Mentor 67721640
Kanchini Manivannan Technical Support Officer 68706136
Katerina Yang Course Chair 68707840
Khoo Poh Li Lecturer 68707950
Kingsley Muk Lecturer 68790659
Koh Chuan Aik Deputy Director 68706130
Koh Hong Wee Lecturer 67721356
Koh Siok Im Senior Lecturer 67721161
Ku-Chong Lee Fong Senior Lecturer 68706181
Kwok Chen Ko Senior Lecturer 68790479
Lai Kin Wai Senior Lecturer 68708273
Lam Kok Seng Senior Lecturer 67721495
Lau Hua Huat Senior Lecturer 68706147
Lau Kum Yee Course Chair 67721672
Lee Fong Ling Technical Support Officer 68708260
Lee Fook Choon Senior Lecturer 68790487
Lee Hui Bee Academic Mentor 68790484
Lee Joo Won Lecturer 67721727
Lee Pei Ru Technical Support Officer 68707067
Lee Su-Yi Technical Support Officer 67721463
Leong-Chia Choo Hia Senior Lecturer 68706107
Lew Poi Hoon Technical Support Officer 68706079
Lim Chia Peng Management Support Officer 67721022
Lim Gek Hong Sharon Administrative Officer 65902711
Lim Hui Shan Lecturer 68708016
Low Bee Lee Course Chair 68790476
Low Kang Min Lecturer 68707874
Mah Mon Moey Deputy Director 68704877
Marichu Hayahay Bunagan Optician 68708302
Matthew Koh Lecturer 68790499
Meilianty Gunawan Lecturer 67721531
Michelle Soh Ching Keng Technical Supervisor 67721447
Molamma Prabhakaran Lecturer 68708058
Morganavel Selvarajoo Lecturer 68707881
Narayanan Rajeev Course Chair 68708011
Ng Min-Chuan Desmond Academic Mentor 67721533
Ng Sek Yeo Senior Lecturer 68790494
Ng Su Ling Lecturer 68790486
Ng Suxiu Lecturer 67721115
Ng Ting Ting Senior Lecturer 68708067
Ngan-Loong Mann Na Deputy Director 68704876
Nicole Kee Management Support Officer 68790607
Noel Kristian Lecturer 68708263
Nurhidayah Mohd Salleh Technical Support Officer 67721532
Oh Ai Ye Lecturer 68707876
Ong Chin Choon Senior Lecturer 68706131
Ong Guat Choon Senior Lecturer 68790605
Ong Lay Choo Lecturer 68790478
Oni Yuliarti Lecturer 68708270
Paul Oh Senior Lecturer 68708306
Phoebe Song Lecturer 68707011
Phua Siew Teng Senior Lecturer 68706143
Pock Eriee Academic Mentor 68704873
Raja Liyana Lecturer 68708091
Samantha Lee Lecturer 68707810
San San Chia Management Support Officer 68708252
Seah Leong Yuem Technical Support Officer 68706043
Ser-Low Wai Ming Senior Lecturer 67721120
Serene Chiam Technical Support Officer 68706146
Sharon Lim Senior Technical Support Officer 68790477
Sim Guek Eng Lecturer 68790467
Soh Chai Hoon Lecturer 68790491
Soon Tien Voon Technical Support Officer 68707862
Sun Wei Technical Support Officer 68790469
Tan Beng Tian Technical Support Officer 67721332
Tan Kian Hwa Senior Lecturer 68704845
Tan Li Li Senior Lecturer 68790493
Tan Peng Saw Technical Support Officer 68790488
Tan Soon Ann Senior Lecturer 68706129
Tan Tiong Wei Lecturer 65902747
Tan Yen Ling Lecturer 68790489
Tan Yi Wen Technical Support Officer 68708297
Tay Kheng Siong Senior Lecturer 68790497
Teo Meng Choo Technical Support Officer 68790472
Teo Siok Hwee Technical Support Officer 67721535
Teo Sock Mui Technical Support Officer 67721536
Teresa Tee Lecturer 67721302
Ti Kyi Win Technical Supervisor 67721100
Tin Pei Shi Lecturer 68707068
Ting Heng Luan Senior Lecturer 68704874
Ting Kok Eng Senior Lecturer 68790485
Toh Hui Kheng Senior Lecturer 68706149
Voon Yun Wah Deputy Director 68706128
Wang Baoshuang Lecturer 68706148
Wee Xi Kai Lecturer 68790474
Wong Chun Mun Technical Support Officer 67721673
Wong Sue Ting Technical Support Officer 65902786
Wong Yunyi Lecturer 67721676
Woo Wee Hong Senior Lecturer 67721899
Xie Wenguang Lecturer 68708274
Ye Song Technical Support Officer 67721895
Yeo Chew Ngo Technical Support Officer 68706169
Yeo Jie Shun Clinic Manager 68790660
Yeoh Ling Tzi Lecturer 68790678
Yogaswary Kitna Management Support Officer 65902757
Yulia Jomono Lecturer 67721319
Yun Chee Yong Lecturer 68704872
Yvonne Ban Lecturer 67721113
Zaidi Ahmad Technical Support Officer 68708073
Zhu Mingxia Lecturer 68704724