Singapore Maritime Academy

Leader of maritime education and training with sophisticated laboratories and workshops


Name Designation Telephone
Abdul Aziz Technical Support Officer 67721404
Agus Kassim Senior Lecturer 68706050
Ang Ler Hwi Lecturer 68706180
Ang Tiong Gee Senior Lecturer 68790422
Anil Kumar Varma Senior Lecturer 68704696
Ashok Mulloth Senior Lecturer 68706033
Cathy Cong Lecturer 68707923
Chatur Wahyu Senior Lecturer 67721770
Chen Chin Kwang Senior Lecturer 68706175
Cheong Kwee Thiam Senior Lecturer 68790424
Chew Cheah Boon Senior Lecturer 68706151
Chit Htwe Academic Mentor 68706178
Chua Chay Cheong Technical Support Officer 67721326
David Tay Academic Mentor 68790420
Derrick Choo Lian Seng Technical Support Officer 67721724
Eric Chan Wing Hong Senior Technical Support Officer 68704610
Eyvonne Chew Ah Huay Management Support Officer 68706182
Foo Nan Cho Deputy Director 68790415
Frederick James Francis Senior Lecturer 68706184
Glenn Gonsalves Lecturer 68707081
Goh Eng Hock Senior Lecturer 68790419
Helena Sim Management Support Officer 67721316
Ho Thye Sang Course Chair 68790427
Ida Heryani Sohdi Administrative Officer 67721768
Ismail Mohamad Senior Lecturer 68790429
James De Foe Senior Lecturer 68706176
Jeffrey Gomez Senior Lecturer 67721017
Johnny Seto Technical Support Officer 68706056
Jonah Kwek Technical Support Officer 68706099
Joseph Lee Course Chair 68707025
K Nirmal Raj Senior Lecturer 68790426
Karen Ang Administrative Officer 68706173
Khalid Ahyar Lecturer 68708251
Khoo Kheng Hwee Technical Support Officer 68790694
Ko Kwai Fatt Senior Technical Support Officer 68704611
Leong Chee Fei Lecturer 68708234
Leong Mun Kin Academic Mentor 67721565
Lim Chay Hwa Systems Analyst 68707027
Lim Choon Ming Lecturer 68708299
Lim Jit Cheng Senior Lecturer 68790413
Lim Soon Hiang Management Support Officer 67721734
Lim Yuon Fatt Deputy Director 68790421
Low Chong Swee Technical Support Officer 67721228
Mahat Bin Abdul Wahab Technical Support Officer 67721526
Manuhar Durgude Senior Lecturer 68790425
Mohd Fadil Bin Yunos Senior Lecturer 68706185
Mohd Khalif Senior Lecturer 68707094
Mohd Rosdi Senior Lecturer 68790410
Mohd Salleh Bin Ahmad Sarwan Director 68790417
Moon Sunghan Lecturer 68704769
Muhd Faris Hadi Multimedia Developer 68704756
Myat Soe Senior Lecturer 68790430
Nantha Kumar K S Senior Lecturer 68706174
Naung Zaw Htun Lecturer 67721136
Ng Guo Yi Lecturer 67721104
Ng Ko-Vin Lecturer 68790411
Osman Bin Sam Senior Lecturer 68707028
Pang Tow Min Senior Lecturer 67721138
Peter Lee Senior Lecturer 68790414
Prakash Xavier Multimedia Developer 68704699
Prasanta Mukherjee Senior Lecturer 68707836
Robert Lee Technical Support Officer 67721323
Rosli Bin Ridzwan Senior Lecturer 67721185
S Premanathan Senior Lecturer 67721773
S S Virdi Senior Lecturer 68790423
Sahwan Osman Senior Lecturer 68790428
Samuel Jebakumar s/o R Nambinarayanan Lecturer 67721186
Savio Coutinho Course Chair 68790432
Soh Poh Lan Management Support Officer 67721187
Supriatna Bin Sukanta Technical Support Officer 68704629
Tan Yong Kim Technical Support Officer 68704697
Teo Hai Heng Senior Lecturer 67721911
Teo Tong Huat Technical Support Officer 67721398
Timothy Chao Lecturer 65902704
Ting Ngook Choon Senior Lecturer 67721534
Violet Ong Lecturer 67721107
Virendra Yadav Lecturer 67721865
Wong Chee Sum Daniel Technical Support Officer 67721592
Wong Yoon Quee Senior Lecturer 67721189
Zaharin Bin Ismail Senior Lecturer 67721137
Zhou Shangping Lecturer 68706170