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Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) JAE Code: S69

Your Future

Your Future

Healthy Infocomm Job Growth
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I chose SP because of the exposure it can give me. In year 2, I attended the Apple's worldwide developers’ conference in 2012 and compete with 150 students from all over the world. I wish to thank the superheroes of SP, who are the lecturers who saw the potential in us and made us shine.
Goh Jin Qiang
Class 2014
Diploma with Merit
Scholar, National Infocomm Scholarship (IDA)
Gives a positive attitude in learning new things and is able to work independently.
Tang Jia Bin
Project Manager
Reachfield IT Solutions Pte Ltd


Epic-ness guaranteed! Life in SP was enriching and fulfilling. DIT gave me many opportunities and the freedom to create, explore and innovate. Challenges are now something I look forward to, and DIT has inspired me to change the world, keystroke by keystroke. No challenge too tough, no problems unsolvable. What lies ahead? I believe a big bang of possibilities.
Tan Jian Sin, Class 2013
Microsoft Singapore Award, Diploma with Merit
Diploma-Plus Certificate in Mathematics
IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholarship,
National Infocomm Scholarship
Now You Can Leadership Series Season 2, Champion Team

Career Prospects

With increasing adoption of IT across all industry sectors and the establishment of Infocomm infrastructure envisioned in Singapore’s intelligent Nation 2015, you can look forward to many exciting career opportunities when you graduate.


You can find employment in various industries, in roles such as, Software Engineer, Analyst Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Consultant, Web Developer, Information Systems officers or IT support personnel.


Interested to find out what a DIT graduate does? Read more on the recount of a DIT Graduate who is now a Senior Consultant with IBM Singapore.


Further Education

The DIT course is highly recognised by local universities and many reputable foreign universities. Our DIT graduates are granted advanced standing by many universities for admission into the second or final year of their degree programmes.


Check out the Advanced Standing listing here accorded to holders of Singapore Polytechnic qualifications.
Here are some of our graduates who have found success in careers of their passion.


Tan Chun Siong
Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Singapore
Lin Junjie
Associate Lead Designer
Ubisoft Singapore
Koo Kee Kiat
Senior Research Engineer
Institute for Infocomm Research
Victor Neo
Senior Engineering Manager
Raina Lim Hui Min
Junior UI Artist
Ubisoft Singapore
Chang Xiao Ran
Partner Technology Manager
Google Asia Pacific
Da-Wei Au
Business Analyst
Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Zainal
Technical Director
Rock Nano Global Pte Ltd
Dr Tan Wee Kek
School of Computing
National University of Singapore


Our Graduate Story


Chang Xiaoran Senior Consultant
IBM Singapore
Laying The Foundation

Xiaoran graduated from SP with a Diploma in Information Technology (Distinction) in 2009. As with most DIT graduates, Xiaoran was looking to clock some industry experience under his belt. He immediately secured employment as a Systems Developer with AON Consulting, a US-based multinational company, right after his graduation from Polytechnic. At AON, he developed and supported in-house software systems that enabled stakeholders to streamline and facilitate their core business processes.


The Progression

After working for more than a year, the Global IT department at AON was dissolved due to accquisition and internal restructure, Xiao Ran was forced to seek employment elsewhere. With the DIT training and working experience, he quickly secured a Consultant position at the multinational technology and consulting company, IBM.


Understanding that he has to develop his skills further to excel in his industry, Xiaoran took up a part-time IT degree programme at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).


Success Today

After graduating with a Bachelor in Information Technology (Computing) with Distinction in 2012, Xiaoran's hard work and newly acquired knowledge was recognised at IBM, in which he was promoted to a Senior Consultant shortly in 2013.

Today, Xiaoran is embarking on a new career journey with Google Asia Pacific as a Partner Technology Manager.