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Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) JAE Code: S69



The challenges that the Diploma in Information Technology course offers had further driven my passion for cutting-edge technology and brought me precious insights on the intricate relationship between IT and people. What's more, the course had provided me with relevant skills that are highly sought-after by various industries! Also not to forget the hard work and dedication my lecturers had put in to ensure every lesson is engaging that we don't just study but learn with energy.
Mr Cheu Wee Loon
Gold Medalist,
Graduate of Diploma in Information Technology (IS Option), 2010
These are projects done by DIT Students.
This page shows screenshots from students’ assignments for the module, Level Design For Games. This module teaches students how to create 3D game spaces end environments utilising a game engine and level editor. Students learnt how to model and arrange architectural elements; prepare and optimize 3D objects for import in a game engine, and apply texture and lighting to create compelling game experiences. These assignments were made using Epic’s Unreal game engine.

Xiao Wei's DIT Experience


Koh Xiao Wei
Year 3 DIT Student
Solutions Development

Koh Xiao Wei is a current 3rd year student of DIT, earning a respectable cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.77 (upon 4) with several awards and honours. Like any other teenage girl, IT was not something in the top of Xiao Wei’s to-do list. Let's hear from her directly about the transformation brought about by SP-DIT.


After an assignment presentation
The Beginning

I knew nothing about IT initially and everything seems quite distant to me. But what got me hooked the first week of school was web publishing. Yes it may sound basic but that was the only thing I could relate to, back to my earlier schooling days where I tried to edit HTML codes for my blog. But things started to get tough as the modules getting in depth, to a point where I became uncomfortable with all the technological terms and knowledge.


However, after talking to lecturers and having friends' support, I was reassured that this is a phase everyone goes through, I managed to get on track and being even more certain about what I was working towards. I found the joy and felt the accomplishments.


Note: Also, don't believe the IT stereotype and imagining the whole course having anti social geeks :D As a girl, I got the power to control the guys to do their work (muahaha) - but technically it's true because I tend to be the organized one or sometimes the one who make sure they stop playing at appropriate times.


More Than DIT

Initial Win @ Greenwave Competition

SP DIT gave me the appropriate exposure for me to excel not only academically but also holistically. During my year 2, I'm more active in external activities, hackathon, competitions and workshop as you know, I get to use our IT skills in the real world and not just limited to school assignments. I saw the purpose in learning, motivating me to self-learn with my friends to explore new technologies.


Winning the Distinction award @ SGeospatial with Senior Minister of State, Ms Indranee Rajah

Xiao Wei @ Keynote Presentation

Because of those, I sharpened my business & communication skills (like social networking, presentation and report writing) where it is useful on top of my IT skills, helps a lot in my school assignments and important in work. It definitely helps me wining competitions like the Greenwave Challenge (Merit) & SGeospatial (distinction).


I apply the skills that I have learnt throughout the 2.5 years on my internship. Although the intern company (SingTel) requires some out of curriculum knowledge, I managed to pick it up quickly due to the experiences I have been through in DIT. My supervisors appreciate that.


Working With The Big Boys

Xiao Wei is currently undergoing internship training in SingTel - Information Systems Group (ISG) where she is helping to streamline the IT Analysts’ workflow of software engineering and extending functionalities of the existing SingTel Customer-Relationship Management software system.


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