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Take a moment to consider the importance of eyesight and the impact it can cause once it is lost. Indeed, caring for the health of others is a noble calling, especially when it comes to something as important as eye care. The scope of Optometry includes the detection of common eye diseases and problems. It also covers the prescription of spectacles and contact lenses.

Our three-year Diploma in Optometry (DOPT) course aims to produce professionally competent optometrists who are in good demand. Due to high prevalence of myopia in children and a rapidly ageing population, quality optometrists are highly sought after.


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Optometry Centre


Science that provides eye care

"It has always been my dream to serve in a primary healthcare sector, and being able to examine the eyes of patients in SP Optometry Centre and contributing to the eye care industry both locally and overseas has enabled me to achieve my dream. It brings great joy and satisfaction knowing that my peers and I have improved the sight of many by prescribing spectacles and contact lenses, and saving the vision of some patients by detecting eye diseases early."


Clara Hin Kai Lin
Optometry Course Gold Medallist 2016
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Singapore Gold Medal recipient


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