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CLS Go Serve

Hot on the heels of its second consecutive Excellence Award at SP’s GoServe Sharing Day 2014, the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS) was at it again on 11 September 2014. Starting off the workday in a completely different way – and taking a leaf out of SPM’s Campus Toilet Clean-up efforts – both management and office admin staff were observed “cleaning house” i.e. sprucing up the washrooms at Block T11A. What’s more, the “cleaners”, armed with the appropriate PPE and a plethora of hard brushes, scouring pads, wash cloth, mops, buckets and all manner of house hold detergent, gave our regular block cleaner a more than pleasant early morning surprise.

Dr Thomas Chai, Senior Director said: “Every simple chore we do can teach us something new. Today’s toilet cleaning exercise is one good example where many of us have also learnt how to do it more efficiently and effectively as a team. I am glad to hear that this has inspired other staff to consider doing the same in the near future.” Indeed. Last we heard there are already volunteers for Block T11B.



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