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Project NEPAL 4 (Never Ending Passion And Love)

On 17 March 2013, a group of CLS students and alumni from three diplomas: Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science (DACP), Chemical Engineering (DCHE) and Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (DPCS) embarked on an overseas service learning trip organized by Chemical Engineering.

The main objective of the trip was to expand the rainwater harvesting system established in 2012 by our very own Singapore Polytechnic NEPAL 1 team. Shree Janakalyan Lower Secondary School, located in a village in Nagarkot, Nepal is the beneficiary.

Plastering of the water tank

Placing the reinforcement bar for the water tank

Water scarcity issues were faced by the village students and teachers. With the addition of an 8000 L concrete rainwater harvesting tank, it became a new source of water for them. The most rewarding part of the trip is through the interactive activities and lessons that we conducted for the village students. Seeing the smiles on their faces warms our hearts and fond memories will always be cherished.

Origami session with local village students

Team shot in front of the rainwater harvesting tank

The team worked hard through the adverse change in weather, from a sunny day, to extreme cold windy nights and even raining of hailstones. Having to sleep in tents high up in the mountain, not bathing for more than five days, it was something the team could never experience in Singapore. Though there were incidents where the team fell ill and spirits were low, nevertheless the team strived hard to motivate each other to press on, to stay healthy, to watch out for one another and to accomplish the goals they set to achieve.

Laughter was exchanged and tears were shed during the trip. As the saying goes, “You can take me out for a Youth Expedition Project (YEP), but you can never take YEP out of me”, we hope our students cherished the memories they had from their time in Nepal, along with the valuable lessons learnt.


“I realised that caring is not only a verbal expression, but making a point to show in action.”

Muhammad Khairuzzaman Bin Mohamad Aman
Chemical Engineering Graduate
Class of 2013

“I have learned to be more sympathetic and empathetic rather than being apathetic towards problems.”

Wee Ian Bing
Chemical Engineering Graduate
Class of 2013

“Giving is much better than receiving as I enjoy the joy and happiness from deep down my heart.”

Teo Wen Ting Joyce
Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science
Current Year 3 Student


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