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Teaching & Learning

The Singapore Polytechnic maintains robust, relevant and innovative curricula that meet students and industry stakeholder requirements and expectations: It designs and develops new course offerings, regularly updates the curricula of existing courses and phases out courses that are losing relevance to the Singapore industry.

To ensure a robust curriculum, each full-time diploma course is structured to include not only course-specific modules but also general elective modules and institutional modules such as Character Development, Critical Reasoning Skills, IDEA and the ITP/Internship Programme.

Each school is supported by an advisory committee, which advises the school on trends, developments and the needs of the industry as well as on appropriate changes to the curriculum.

Each school in turn is also supported by the Department of Educational Development, which helps schools to implement educational initiatives and also to enhance the professional development of all staff.

Responsive and innovative teaching processes that recognise a diversity of learning needs and styles are also put in place at Singapore Polytechnic to meet the changing needs of students.

Our strategies include:

  • The development of a flexible learning system that takes into consideration students' academic abilities.
  • Adopting the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIOTM) and Design Thinking frameworks in selected curriculum.
  • Provision and use of e-learning systems to enhance our students' experience with IT
  • Empowering staff through training and development in interactive learning technologies
  • Encouraging staff to use different innovative methods and creative approaches of instruction
  • Engaging staff in meaningful professional development through workshops and learning journeys through the Magellan experience
  • Re-designing and monitoring courses/modules delivery, assessment and infusing generic competences appropriate to the learning needs and outcomes of our students

To achieve our corporate goals of excellence in teaching, SP ensures that:

  • There are adequate physical resources and infrastructural support such as media rooms, training rooms and also a Centre for Interactive and Learning Technologies.
  • Our training and development system is comprehensive and supports our business needs.
  • Administrative structures, systems and processes are aligned to and support teaching excellence.
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Innovative teaching methods

Making learning fun for our students.