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Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (DEWT) JAE Code: S52

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1 What is the Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (DEWT) about?

Being a basic commodity, coupled with increasing urbanization, there is now a growing global demand for water solutions. With the aim of becoming a Global Hydro Hub, Singapore's water industry is set to grow even further. The Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT) is set to prepare our graduates to meet the challenges of the world today. The course offers a multi-disciplinary programme with possibilities of overseas exposures, from around Asia to the States.
2 What does DEWT offer?

- A 12-week internship - Environmental Projects 1 & 2 which are linked to the industry through environmental and water-related companies - Environmental Projects 1 & 2 which are linked to the industry through A Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDlO) framework that prepares students to be work ready, life ready and world ready - An option for students to take on a Diploma-plus certificate course which will continue to train them in acquiring knowledge, skills and the right attitude for work and life
3 What is so unique about DEWT?

The DEWT programme is unique as it is a multi-disciplinary programme conceived from the Schools of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE), Mechanical and Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering (MAE), Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS) and Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). It is a well-rooted programme which enable students to gain strong fundamental knowledge achieved through a key project that cuts across all 3 years. Students will also get to learn about urban and natural environments within and beyond SP in the outdoor living labs. The course also features a comprehensive curriculum which allows the students the opportunity to acquire local and global experiences and apply the knowledge gained
4 How is DEWT programme different from other similar academic programme elsewhere?

The course features hands-on projects that are specially designed for DEWT students to apply their knowledge such as: - Design and build mobile water treatment kit in year 1. In order to achieve an integrated approach to enhance students’ learning experience, they will review their design in year 2 and evaluate the design, in terms of environmental aspect and impact in year 3. - Design and create a layout of plants to improve air quality in year 1 - Design and build portable membrane filtration unit in year 2 - The purpose of the projects is to expose students to the learning of both natural and urban environment. Communication skills and teamwork are emphasised throughout the course of study.
5 Are there any scholarships for DEWT students?

The following scholarships/sponsorships are offered to our students: - SP Engineering Scholarship - covers full tuition fee - ABE Scholarship - $2500 - PUB sponsorship - $9000 - BCA scholarship - covers full course fees plus $900 monthly allowance (> $13,000 per year) - BCA Sponsorship - $7,000 annual allowance - ACI scholarships - $3000
6 What will be the future for DEWT graduates?

In Singapore, the emerging environmental and water technology sector is expected to triple to $1.7 billion by 2015. Graduates will get to enjoy employment opportunities with government ministries, public sector agencies, universities and research institutes, as well as industry players, environmental consultancies and service providers in growth areas such as water supply, wastewater reclamation, membrane technologies, desalination, solid and hazardous waste management, as well as environmental remediation. Our graduates can also pursue further studies at local and overseas universities to obtain a degree in environmental and civil engineering courses. They are typically given exemptions of at least one-year from their degree courses.
7 What is the career path of graduates from Diploma in Environmental & Water Technology (DEWT)?

The relevant career for DEWT graduates are as follows: - Assistant Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) Executive - Assistant Environmental Manager - Assistant Environmental Engineer - Assistant Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager - Environmental Technologist
8 Where can our graduates work?

Graduates of the course may find jobs in the Environmental & Water Technology (EWT)-related consultants, contractors, waste management companies and government agencies such as NEA, PUB etc. The graduates trained in this course are expected to assist engineers and managers in some or all of the following areas of work:
(i) Feasibility studies
(ii) Environmental Impact Assessment
(iii) Implementation of design details for installation
(iv) Maintenance and operation of EWT works (iv) Research & Development (v) Sales & marketing of EWT equipment (vi) Project management and contract administration Public Sector Private Sector Civil Service and Statutory Boards such as Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board. Building Contractors Civil Engineering Contractors M&E Contractors EWT Consultants Specialists for EWT works Materials and equipment Suppliers Other EWT-related international consultants