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Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (DEWT) JAE Code: S52

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Portable Water Treatment Kit for Disaster Relief


This project is about creating a portable technology to provide clean water and electrical supplies using human energy. Through research conducted on contaminants on floodwater, ways to harness electrical energy and water treatment methods, it has given the team a better understanding on producing the product. The product consists of a water treatment kit and solar lamp. The water treatment kit consists of a tank to house the filters and the bottom. This is supported by the filtrate collector containing granular activated carbon. The filtration methods used in this water treatment kit include chlorination, filtration and carbon filters. Chlorination from household bleach is used to remove majority of bacteria and viruses. A 5 micrometer filter is used. Increased layers of filters can increase the efficiency of filtration. Granular activated carbon was used to remove contaminants like odour and taste. Research has shown us that by integrating these filtration methods, a majority of flood water contaminants can be removed. The product is easy to use. The user is required to pour rainwater into the pump. After which, the user will push the pump to allow water to flow into the filtrate collector. Simultaneously, if the user is outside, the solar lamp can harness the solar energy from the sun. This energy is used to power the lamp in dark places. In conclusion, there is reason to believe that this product is novel to the market. Our research shows that there is no such product available in the market. Furthermore, the product is useful for people in disaster stricken areas where getting clean water supplies is almost impossible. Drinking unclean water is not safe as it causes diseases like cholera. These diseases may have detrimental effects on human health. In addition to that, this water treatment kit can provide light to the victims. It will be useful as makeshift homes in such sites do not have such necessities. These necessities are important for survival.