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Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) JAE Code: S71



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DBA encompasses key aspects of business - be it Operations, Marketing or Entrepreneurship, DBA has something for everyone. In our second year of study, we are offered the opportunity to deepen our skills in our area of interest. It was an once-in-a-lifetime unique experience for me, to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur by setting up my own business.
Mr Jonathan Tan

Class of 2009,
DBA Gold Medallist

My three- years as a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) student with SP Business School was a life-changing experience for me. It provided me with an excellent base and propelled my career to greater heights. The Entrepreneurship option equipped me with critical thinking skills, essential business acumen and motivation to start my own business! Beyond the academics, the SP brand is well regarded globally as Singapore's first polytechnic, and afforded me exposure to international conferences and competitions.
Mr Keith Tan Quan-Lai

(DBA Class of 2009),
Co-founder & Chief Executive,

If you love challenges, taking action, and crafting innovative campaigns – then choosing Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) could be your first step in realising your ambition.

The DBA course focuses on building a solid foundation of business studies, while developing multi-discipline specialisations to enhance your competitiveness in today’s dynamic business environment. The course is designed to train and equip students with specialised skills and knowledge in three foremost business capabilities:

With our broad-based business modules and specialised options, the DBA course aims to develop thoughtful leaders, entrepreneurs and industry captains who create value for their organisations and communities.


S71 Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)


Set yourself up for a challenging career in business and be ready and able to contribute! DBA is the first and leading business course that embraces both design thinking and business analytics.

As a DBA student, you will benefit by

  • gaining a strong foundation in Year 1 that covers all the fundamental building blocks in the key business areas,
  • enjoying the flexibility of choosing to specialise in one of three options outlined above, and
  • be immersed in real world experiences from working on industry projects and competitions,
  • being trained and guided to become tomorrow’s business leaders with the requisite skills and the right mind-sets to effectively handle the complexities of the global business environment.
DBA also promotes holistic learning in our students with our many learning facilities such as our Thinkcubator 1 & 2 and Enterprise Hub which simulate real world business environments and operations. Our curriculum also integrate meaningful community awareness and service learning to further enrich your learning experience and nurture you to becoming caring individuals and thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. We are focused not just on our curriculum but also on our students and our greater community.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of business and enterprise. You will go beyond the classrooms and textbooks to complete your development as a confident graduate leader who is work-ready, world-ready and life-ready!


Course Higlights
  • DBA offers the largest intake in Singapore Polytechnic and we are looking to welcome 220 new freshmen for our diploma in 2017.
  • DBA also provides more choices as student chooses his/her preferred option at the end of year 1 - the added flexibility which every student wants.
  • Exciting and sought-after options such as Market, Operational Entrepreneurship are offered to deepen students’ knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • DBA has a balanced curriculum which provides students with a balance of core academics and technical hands-on specialised modules.
  • The course has many opportunities for active and applied learning through industry client projects, competitions, industry visits and integrated projects.
  • Its rich curriculum also integrates meaningful community awareness and service learning to enrich students’ learning experience to nurture them to become thoughtful leaders of tomorrow.
  • It provides opportunities for global exposure through overseas immersion programmes (China cities such as Suzhou).
  • Gain a competitive edge with design thinking skills and know-how infused in your learning.


About the 3 options:

Marketing Management (MM)
Marketing is an indispensable function within any organisation. Not only does it help an organisation to position its products and services in the desired image to attract and retain customers, it also builds and creates an organisation’s most important asset – brand equity! The marketing field thus provides a wide range of exciting career opportunities.

The option consists of eight option modules and two prescribed electives. MM students will gain specialisation in marketing from Year 2, where they learn how to conduct marketing research to understand the needs and wants of their target consumers. They will reach out to their prospective customers by understanding their decision-making process with insights using consumer psychology. MM students will also gain hands-on exposure to integrated marketing communications, retail management and digital marketing equipping them with useful skills and knowledge.  Apart from internship programme where students get the opportunity to work with reputable industry partners in marketing, they will also be involved in a marketing focused client-based capstone project.

Operations Management (OM)
Operations is the heart of any organisation. A company with good operations can have a significant impact on its competitiveness and profitability.  This option is designed to provide students with the specific training and education in operations management which focus on smooth flow of products and services between businesses and their key stakeholders. 

Students will embrace the essential techniques necessary for improving operations and processes in major types of business. The option emphasises both hands-on and analytical decision-making skills. OM consists of eight option modules and two prescribed electives. Students will be taught current concepts in procurement and logistics operations, supply chain, international operations and documentation, productivity and quality management. In Year 3, OM students will apply their knowledge and skills on a client-based capstone project which will focus on change management and business process re-designing. They will also embark on their internship. Students will be exposed to a suite of industry relevant software applications and technology. They will also participate in industry field trips, which add realism and provide industry exposure.

Entrepreneurship (ENT)
The Entrepreneurship option attracts a special breed of potential talents, those who are focused, resilient and daring.
Enterprises drive the economy, creating social and economic value by focusing on idea generation, opportunity recognition, and entrepreneurial management.

This option has seven specialised modules, one of which is year-long. The ENT option adopts a student-focused approach to teaching and learning, supporting them with opportunities and experiences in platforms such as pitching sessions, industry mentoring, makers faires, hackathons/hackfests and competitions. Students will be immersed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem early to learn to shape entrepreneurial opportunities, assess financial feasibility of ventures, while living an entrepreneurial experience.