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Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) JAE Code: S34

What You'll Study

The Diploma of Business Innovation & Design is a three-year full-time programme. The course focuses on the following areas:

• Business Fundamentals
• Leveraging on Design Thinking to solve real business challenges
• Colloboration and communication
• Personal Effectiveness
• Industry Readiness


First Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BA0150 Statistics for Business
Provides students with an understanding of basic statistics concepts and their relevance to the business environment. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling, estimations, hypothesis testing, chi-square, analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation, and index numbers. Statistical software and computer-based learning (CBL) packages are also introduced.
BA0275 Business Accounting
This module will provide students with an understanding of the fundamental accounting principles underlying accounting practice, from the preparation of accounting records to the financial statements of a company. It will also cover accounting for cash, property, plant and equipment as well as Goods and Services Tax. Students will learn how to analyse and interpret a simple set of financial statements for a company.
BA0288 Management and Organisational Behaviour
The first part of the module provides students with basic knowledge of management principles in planning, organising and controlling. Topics on organisational culture and change management are also included. The second part focuses on OB (Organisational Behaviour) topics such as personality, perception, group dynamics, motivation, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
BA0300 Business and Technology
Technology can transform business and therefore businesses must understand the technology available to them. This module teaches students the emerging trends in technology as they relate to a wide variety of businesses. Students will also learn strategies to apply technology based on business models. At the end of the module, students will be able to identify and recommend various technology tools and platforms to transform business in an industry specific to their course of study.
BA0358 Fundamentals of Marketing
Introduces the basics in marketing to students. Topics include the strategic marketing management process, market opportunities analysis and target market selection. The elements of the marketing mix will also be examined. An integrated approach will be adopted to discuss how these elements can be blended to produce an effective marketing programme.
BA0362 Microeconomics
Microeconomics will provide students with an understanding of the basic microeconomic concepts which are needed in decision-making processes. It also enables students to have a better understanding of the larger economic environment and to relate the concepts taught to real world situations.
BA0363 Macroeconomics
Macroeconomics will provide students with an understanding of the macroeconomic concepts and applications which are needed in decision-making processes in the business world. It also enables students to have a better understanding and appreciation of the larger economic environment that they are facing.
LC0756 Communicating for Project Effectiveness
Aims to equip students with skills in effective communication, teamwork and interpersonal communication, and report writing.
LC8001 General Education 1
Aims to equip students with critical reasoning skills and provide them with opportunities to practise critical thinking through the exploration of contemporary social issues. It also provides a platform for students to learn the basics of arguments through the formal argumentation structure.
LC8002 General Education 2
Aims to equip students with the skills to critically analyse the elements of persuasion in narratives used in a variety of contexts to appreciate the power of storytelling in our daily life. Students will also explore the history of discrimination in societies and craft their responses through their own narrative.
MS1522 IT & Data Analysis for Business
Provides students with the essential features of spreadsheet to support data analysis for business applications. Topics covered include spreadsheet applications, fundamental data analysis, professional presentations and proper documentation. This module will impart the necessary skills to analyse worksheet data, apply fundamental data analysis techniques to improve productivity and streamline their day-to-day operational work. Equipped with these fundamentals, students will be able to apply these skills to construct business and financial models for today’s fast changing business environment.
BAXXXX Prescribed First Year Elective
Emotional Intelligence. This module is designed to introduce and evaluate the competencies of emotional intelligence. Students will be able to describe the difference between intellectual and emotional intelligence. This module will study the different emotional intelligence competencies framework that covers Know Yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself. Students will discover their own self-awareness and techniques through the SEI Assessment (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment). Its primary goal is to help students become familiar with the many theories of emotional intelligence, building better self-awareness, management and direction through the practice of emotional intelligence elements and practicing the infusion in the real world.
SP101A Education and Career Guidance 1
A compulsory module for all first year students, ECG 1 aims to develop an understanding of personal interests, strengths, values and life goals. With greater knowledge and understanding of self, planning and decision making in choosing a future career can be better developed. Some topics covered in ECG 1 include ‘Defining My SP Life’, ‘Personal Branding’, ‘Discovering My Interests’, ‘Planning for Success – My Personal Action Plan’ and more.

Second Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BA0348 Consumer Psychology
Provides students with an understanding of why and how individuals and groups engage in consumer activities and the cognitive processes and behaviour involved when people purchase and use products and services.
BA0329 Financial Analysis and Management
Introduces students to the financial objectives and financing decisions of a firm. It covers the basic concepts of finance such as interest rates, time value of money, risk and return, stock and bond valuations, cost of capital, capital budgeting techniques and working capital management.
BA0347 Marketing Intelligence and Research
Provides an overview of marketing intelligence, marketing survey research and illustrates how these can be interpreted to help an organization make sound decisions. Topics covered include competitive intelligence, research designs, data collection methods, data analysis, fieldwork operations and preparation of research reports.
BA0367 Professional Preparation and Personal Branding
Introduces students to essential skills in the business world. Topics covered include conversation skills and proper behaviour in various situations at work. The module also includes a component on personal branding which will guide students to develop a personal branding identity that will aid them in projecting and establishing an appropriate image in the business world.
BA0400 Business Law
Commences with the basic features of the Singapore legal system. It then proceeds to introduce students to the basic principles of contract law, the Sale of Goods Act, the law of tort, cheques, agency and intellectual property. The legal aspects of business organisations will also be covered.
BA3202 History of Art and Design
This module aims to introduce the history of art and design to business design students, taking them out of their usual workaday world to study and appreciate art and design of different periods and movements, with emphasis given to modern history period from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. Students will be guided to observe art and design not in isolation, but in relation to particular historical circumstances and events, with special focus on how successive generations of artists and designers reconfigured and reinterpreted the prevailing tradition, generating new aesthetic and/or innovative design solutions that created great impact on the society.
BA3203 Business Innovation Process (Visualisation, Ideation and Prototyping)
This module focuses on the idea generation and concept development of the business design process. Students will be introduced to a range of tools that will help them to innovate in a collaborative setting. At the end of the module, students will be able to independently execute a design project from conceptualisation to ideation by applying the design thinking methodology.
BA3205 Emotional Intelligence & Empathy
Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people. The module purports that in order to be successful, individuals require effective awareness, control and management of their own emotions, and those of other people. EQ embraces two aspects of intelligence, which is to understand yourself, your goals, intentions, responses and behaviour, plus the empathetic skills to understand others and their feelings. The EQ principles provide a way to understand and assess people's behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential.
BA3206 Branding & Visual Communication
Students will be introduced to the theory and ideas of branding, as well as some of the more successful branding strategies that have been adopted by organisations worldwide which has helped them to seal their market positioning. This course is designed to help students understand and manage key elements of a strong brand strategy. It will provide the knowledge needed to design and implement both strategic and tactical integrated branding programs that will increase the value of the organization's brand and business.
BA3207 DESIGN THINKING PROCESS (Fundamentals of Design Thinking Ethnographic Studies)
This semester long studio based module revolves around teaching the fundamentals of Design Thinking. The innovation process will cover deep consumer understanding, rapid prototyping of concepts that address a consumer need, and a strategy that make the concept viable and sustainable. Students will be engaged in a real client based project, with an emphasis on ethnographic research that will spearhead the development of meaningful innovation solutions.
LC8003 or LC8006 Social Innovation Project or Overseas Social Innovation Project
Aims to equip students with the Design Thinking mindset, methods and tools to conceptualise innovative solutions for real life problems. Students will explore a social cause, go through the practical rigour of the Design Thinking process and apply suitable tools to fulfil the objectives of the project. Students will also be exposed to trends and issues related to themes, such as Healthcare, Active Ageing, Environment, and Social Integration. In the process, they will develop a better understanding of themselves and the world, as well as the positive impact they can make.
LC8004 Individual Study Project and Presentation
This module concludes the programme by exploring the impact of science and technology and the role of art in society. Students will have the opportunity to integrate their research, critical thinking, and communication skills developed through the programme and present their views on a research topic of their choice. Selected students will be invited to present their research findings in a symposium and gain invaluable exposure and experience in the process.
SP201A Education and Career Guidance 2
ECG 2 is taken by all second year students. This module aims to develop professional skills necessary to seek and secure work. It also guides the students on how to discover and develop skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for work effectiveness and changes related to work. Topics covered in this module include ‘Job Search and Market Trends’, ‘Discovering Your Unique Selling Point’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Work Place Values’ and more.

Third Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BA0176 Global Business Environment
Aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge for global market analysis and the formulation of international strategies. It will provide students with an understanding of the rationale for developing an external economy, the impact of environmental forces, the role of international organizations/groupings like WTO and NAFTA, and opportunities in emerging markets.
BA3301 Project Management
This module provides students an opportunity to integrate knowledge, design thinking framework and project management skills that they have acquired from the course. Students will apply analytical, design thinking, problem solving, project management, presentation and communication skills. Students will also learn how to use Microsoft Project to manage a project.
BA3308 BA3308 17 week in company internship
Students will intern for half an academic year at world class organisations and be engaged in real projects with real-world partners. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain working experience, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and gain school credit.
BA3303 Innovation Management
This module provides students an opportunity to recognise strategies that can enhance the successful implementation of business innovation. Leveraging on concepts like blue ocean innovation and value ecosystem, students will learn to construct a strategy that best suits the identified business innovation.
BA3304 Strategic Management & Design
The module aims to develop the students’ understanding of the role and process of strategic management. Students will use various business tools to analyse the external environment, develop the organization’s vision, mission and objectives, and learn to craft and execute business strategy for sustainable, long-term growth and profitability.
BA3305 Business Model Development
Teaches students to analyse and understand the organs of a business and their related elements which will help them to develop new business ventures and enhance the operational efficiency of various business functions.
BA3306 Change Management
Provides students with insights to different change models and how they are suitable for different types of organisation change. It also examines the complexities, pitfalls and resistance experienced during change implementation, including the role of leadership in sustaining organisation change.


Please note: Course structure subject to change.