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Clinton Ong - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Scholarship


Brief profile of yourself and career (include year of graduation from SP)



I graduated in 2010. I am presently serving NS as an Officer in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.
After my ORD I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at University College London (UCL), UK under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Scholarship.



Describe your life in SB/SP



Which diploma did you pursue?



I pursued the Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing Management Option.



What were your CCAs?



  • I was the Vice-President of School of Business Club I conceptualized, planned and executed campus-wide events such as Freshmen Orientation Camp, Talentime, Food Implosion and Annual Dinner and Dance
  • I was also a Peer Mentor for CASS Self-Access Programme and I mentored students in Language and Communication modules
  • My other activities included participating in Leaders of Tomorrow Camp @Sungei Slim 2007, GYL Camp 2007, Leaders of Tomorrow Camp @Ipoh Perak 2008, GYL Camp 2008, Polytechnic Forum 2008, Pre-University Seminar 2009, Overseas Service Learning Project (Cambodia) 2010



What contributed towards your academic success?



I had dedicated and committed lecturers who not only imparted relevant skills and knowledge to us but who also shared their personal and professional experiences with us. This helped us to handle practical situations better. Other contributors to my academic success would include good time and stress management.



Was there a particular lecturer(s) in SB/SP who made an impact in your learning and maturing process?


I have learnt many things from all the lecturers who have taught me throughout my stint at SP. However, one particular lecturer’s unique teaching style left a strong impression on me. Ms Lily Lim penalised me for one of the presentations because she felt that my performance lacked improvement even though I had thought that it was of a good standard. She thought it would be good “wake-up” call so that I would find ways to improve and not be complacent. That experience has spurred me to get better do my best every time I carry out a task.


Do you have any advice for SB’s current students?



Be forward-looking, set realistic goals and work diligently towards achieving them.



Were you involved in any competitions? Or in any industry sponsored projects?



I took part in the following competitions:



  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Competition, National Level (Represented SP in 2008 and 2009)
  • Chartered Institute of Management International Marketing Competition (Represented SP in 2009)
  • SIM National Management Competition (Finalist, 2009)
  • SB Annual Marketing Plan Competition, Collaboration with True Heritage Brew (Second Prize, 2010)