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Congratulations to our current SP scholars

Congratulations to our current SP scholars: Audrey Goh, Tan Ai Ling, Kok Yi, Atikah Laurazana bte Mohd Tahir, Andre Neo, Yeo Jasmine, Glenn Fang, Oh Bing Quan, Sheena Lee,  Ivan Chan, Eric Go, Edwin Lim. Loh Zhiwen, Chai Wei Hao, Toh Jia Yi, Nicholas Tei, Amanda Choo, Noor Loic bin Satar, Daniel Chew, Lee Shu Hooi, Suan Yechin, Cynthia Goh, and Leong Jie Jun.

• The picture features Andre Neo An Jie, Atikah Laurazana Binte Mohamed Tahir, Kok Yi, Tan Ai Ling, Choo May Yeng Amanda, Daniel Chew Yong Chi, Noor Loic Bin Satar, Tan Si Ying Stephanie, Nicholas Tei Jun Jie, Cynthia Goh Pei Suan

These scholars are recruited and selected at the end of their first year. Their academic results place them at the top 10% of their cohort, with an aggregate of ELR2B2 of not more than 12 points. Besides academic results, they must have also participated in their CCA, obtaining at least a Bronze. To be eligible, the students must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents, and are of good character. 

At SP, we believe in developing talent.  SPOT is a talent development and enrichment programme designed to groom students into becoming well-rounded individuals who are Humanitarians, Communicators and Leaders, with the intellectual rigour, confidence and initiative to lead and serve in different capacities.  Students are selected not only by their academic results alone as outstanding students can be considered upon the recommendation of their lecturers. 

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