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The 3 Years That Changed My Life

The 1st day I stepped into SP’s Business School, I was just a girl fresh out of secondary school and pretty much clueless about business.

Yet, in what seems to a blink of the eye, I am about to graduate! The three years just whizzed by! You know what they say about time passing quickly when you are having fun? Well, I now know that it is so true!

Looking back, I am very grateful for the lectures, tutorials and projects – they were quite hectic at times but I have learned enormously from them. On top of business knowledge, I have acquired invaluable interpersonal and presentation skills.

It was an honour to learn from the lecturers who generously shared their knowledge and work experiences. I was very blessed to have made two very good friends amongst my classmates whom I enjoyed working on projects with.

I also had the privilege to work with peers from different courses on business competitions and a chance to volunteer for charitable events in my CCA. It was an enriching time for me indeed.

SP has given me a firm foundation and a clear direction in life. I will surely miss the school which gave me a safe haven to learn and grow. I am proud to say I am a SPian for life