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Mandy Wong - OCBC Scholarship

2012 DHRMP Graduate Awarded OCBC Scholarship

Congratulations to DHRMP (Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology) graduate, Mandy Wong Sin Mun, for being awarded the OCBC Scholarship. Mandy will be studying Business Administration with NUS.

DHRMP was Mandy’s first choice of study, inspired by her mother’s advice that every industry needs a HR Department. Mandy believes studying the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology would open many different doors of opportunities for her in the future. “The unique combination of HR with Psychology is instrumental to a HR practitioner’s growth in the HR field. Studying HR and Psychology has shaped my understanding of a human’s perspective towards the emotional and practical side of things. DHRMP has influenced me to think and make decisions in a more holistic manner, and surprisingly it does not only apply to work but also in my social life” said Mandy.

Mandy with her family at SP Graduation 2012

Through her 3 years in DHRMP, Mandy learnt that tenacity and perseverance are the two most important factors when it comes to a successful completion of one’s education.  “Within SP Business School, we have very diverse diplomas that are being offered. This explains why SP Business School is one of the top choices for secondary school graduates. “

Mandy also shared her secrets to academic achievements:
1) Time management: Setting aside time to complete what is being told or what is being required is extremely important. Once a task is completed, move on without procrastinating.
2) Knowing your goals and keeping track of your progress: Set out a goal at the start of the semester and understand how far you are from reaching that goal. Leave no room for doubts during exams.

“In addition to her secrets to success, she mentioned her family has played a big part in inspiring her. In addition, she also added “My lecturers have inspired me as well.  I wish that one day I can give back to the society and help the future generation of the country grow like how my lecturers did.”

In the 3 years with SP, Mandy has had many memorable moments and one of the most significant memories would definitely be the educational trip to Vietnam. “The trip taught me the true meaning of ‘culture shock’ and ‘adaptation’. The experience was priceless as we forged unforgettable bonds with our Vietnamese counterparts. We are now friends on Facebook and we catch up occasionally. I can now proudly say that I have international friends whom I keep in touch with!”

Interestingly, Mandy’s life goals are to start an animal shelter and to embark on humanitarian work. We, the lecturers in DHRMP like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mandy for her outstanding achievements and we hope her dreams will be fulfilled in the near future.


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