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SB Achievers' Function 2012

The annual SB Achievers’ Function was held on 28th January 2012 at the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium. This event served to recognize 170 students who had excelled in their studies or brought honour to the school through their achievements in competitions or other activities.

This year, the event was graced by Deputy Principal (Academic Planning), Mr Hee Joh Liang as well as Director, SP Business School, Dr Timothy Chan. Together with many lecturers and proud parents of the award recipients, the event kicked off with a video montage of all the award winners.

A total of 170 students were invited to attend the event that saw them recognized as part of the distinguished group of students known as the SP Business School Achievers.

Award winners included those who were:

  • Awarded the SP Scholarship 2011/12 as well as other prestigious scholarships (such as the Charles & Lee Moy Award, the SBS-Transit Scholarship, SP-CIMA Scholarship and many more) that recognized the students for their academic results, CCA excellence and leadership qualities
  • Listed on the SP Business School’s Honour Roll for at least 3 consecutive semesters
  • Top students and the Most Improved Students in their respective Diplomas based on their semester average for all modules taken in each academic year
  • Winners of external sports and academic competitions (e.g. the Singapore Paintball Series, Citi FX Challenge, Singapore HR Challenge, NTU HR Youth Forum and many others)
  • Elected presidents of SP level CCA groups

3 of the award winners were also invited to give a speech about where they drew their motivation to excel as well as how they balanced their hectic schedules and yet found time to have a holistic education.

A special segment was dedicated to lecturers who had excelled in their teaching responsibilities, recognizing those who had been awarded the Excellence in Teaching Awards, Journal of Teaching Practice Awards and the Outstanding PTN Tutor Awards.

Following the awards presentation, award recipients and guests were invited to a sumptuous lunch outside the auditorium. Cameras were clicking virtually non-stop as award recipients captured the proud moment with their parents, guardians, friends and lecturers. An instant photo booth also proved to be a hit with the award recipients and guests who gamely posed for a souvenir to bring home to commemorate the event!

To many, it was more than just an event that gave due recognition to the efforts put in by students and staff as they strove to achieve excellence in whatever it is they were doing – academic, CCA or teaching. It was an event that would serve to spur them on to reach even greater heights!

Martin Ng
Chairman – 2012 SB Achievers’ Function Organizing Committee





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