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SP Mobile Apps

With our wide range of mobile apps, you will be able to get information about SP on the go!

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SP Mobile

SP Mobile gives you a single point of access to most commonly used tools for learning and working in SP. Through this app, you can also get useful information about SP. The tools and information are represented as icons and grouped into 3 categories: Learn, Work and Life. The app can be personalized based on the user profile such as Staff, Student or Public.

Listed below are the various tools available:


  • Acad Calendar (SP's Academic calendar)
  • Alerts (Notifications from Library, Portal and SAS)
  • ATS (Attendance Taking for staff and student)
  • Exam Results (Exam Results)
  • Exam TimeTable (Schedule of Exam)
  • FAQ (Commonly asked questions about SP Mobile)
  • Library (Library information on the Go)
  • Staff Calendar (for Staff)
  • Staff Time Table (For staff to check class schedules)
  • Timetable (Schedule of classes)


  • Campus Map (SP Campus Map and Directions)
  • CCA (Co-Curricular Activities)
  • CETA (For part time students to check schedules)
  • Corporate Pass (For staff to visit various places of attractions)
  • FOP (Useful Information for Freshmen)
  • IDMS (SPICE Password Reset)
  • ITP (Industrial attachment Information)
  • Leave (For Staff to Apply, Check, Cancel & Approve Leave)
  • Live Cams (Live cameras on campus)
  • Qwatch (Live cameras at service-desks and counters)
  • Staff Directory (Directory of SP's Staff)
  • Student Info (For staff to search for student information)
  • Temperature Record (For students to record their temperature)
  • Update My SAS (Update Contact details)


  • Emergency (CPR and Emergency Contact Information)
  • Feedback (Allowing people,students and staff to give suggestions for new apps)
  • Graduation (Information about Graduation Ceremony)
  • MySPMemories (Memories of SP)
  • Wassup! (News from SP)

SP Xperience

SP Xperience allows you to browse through our courses and other information such as CCA, School Admissions and so on.


SP SPirit

Read the official SP magazine which contains the latest happenings in SP.



Alerts shows you useful updates such as Library books ready for pickup or due soon, Announcements from MySAS, News and other information.



This app provides users with four useful financial calculators:

  • Savings Calculator
  • Goal Savings Calculator
  • Debt Repayment Calculator
  • Debt Duration Calculator.

Results of calculations can be exported via email.

This app also provides information about the MoneySENSE - Singapore Polytechnic Institute For Financial Literacy and the free financial programs that IFL offers.


SP EnggShow

The SP Engineering Show is an annual exhibition that showcases the creations and innovations of SP's final year students from the Engineering courses. This is an important milestone in their education as it gives them an opportunity to stage their product and leave a legacy for their juniors.


SP Map

SP Map helps you to find your way around Singapore Polytechnic’s lush, 38-hectare campus. It also allows you to discover more about the polytechnic’s facilities, social spaces and more. Panoramic views of various interesting locations on campus are also available.


SP Mobile

An app that gives you a single point of access to most commonly used tools for learning and working in SP..