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You joined a CCA club when you were a student. How about continuing your interest as an alumnus?

The Alumni Interest Groups listed are formed by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) alumni and are self-governing. Such Alumni Interest Groups are not part of the legal entity of SP. They do not represent SP and cannot act or make any representations on its behalf. The activities and views of these Alumni Interest Groups are the sole responsibilities of the groups and of its members. All Alumni Interest Groups are to abide by the prevailing laws of Singapore.

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Alumni Interest Groups

Enjoyed your club activities at SP? Get together & form Alumni Interest Groups.



Alumni Interest Group Representative Email Contact
SP Alumni Adventure Club Sam Lee [email protected] 92994685
SP Alumni Toastmasters Club Poon Yoke Lin [email protected] 98352750
SP Entrepreneurs Club Daniel Tan [email protected] 96676065
SPIMA Wilson Fu [email protected] 96848257
SP Alumni DOPT Huang Min Min [email protected] 96698274
SP Alumni Dragonboat Team Yan Soo Ling [email protected] 91889625
SP Rovers Alumni Group Martin Tang [email protected] 86082288
SP Alumni Applied Sciences and Materials Interest Group Lance Peh [email protected] 94232235
SP Alumni Taiko Drummers Candy Chua [email protected] 97823449
SP Alumni Mind & Memory Interest Group Felix Tandra Ng [email protected] 98784224
SP Bowling Alumni Alfred Bay [email protected] 81137741