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Enhanced Post Diploma Certificate

As a Polytechnic graduate, who have graduated from a relevant course of study for at least two years, from the five polytechnics in Singapore, you can look forward to refreshing and deepening your skills and knowledge through compressed and enhanced Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) courses.

These Enhanced PDC courses will help refresh and deepen individuals’ industry-relevant skills and knowledge, given that some time would have passed since you graduated from your diploma programmes.

The Enhanced PDC courses will be offered on a standalone basis and will be run in Full-Time mode to allow individuals to complete them in a shorter duration. The typical duration of the Enhanced PDC courses will be around one to two months.

Upon successfully completing an Enhanced PDC course, you will receive the same certificate that is issued to students who complete equivalent PDCs that make up part-time Advanced Diploma or Specialised Diploma courses. The Enhanced PDCs can be recognised for credit exemption and can count towards attainment of corresponding Advanced Diplomas or Specialised Diplomas, should you subsequently decide to enrol into the relevant courses (subject to existing course requirements)

If you are a Singapore Citizen, course fees for Singapore Citizens (SCs) undertaking their first Enhanced PDC course will be waived if they have not taken any PDC course previously. You will only need to pay a nominal sign-up fee of $50 to defray administrative costs. Should you decide to take subsequent Enhanced PDC courses and other post-diploma courses; you will continue to enjoy the 85% course subsidy provided by MOE.

Enhanced PDC Courses

Certificate In Web Application Design

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Leading to

Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology


Module 1 – Fundamentals of Web Development Technology
Module 2 – Java Programming
Module 3
 – Database Management System

Please click here for Module Synopsis

Entry Requirements

Polytechnic graduates from the five polytechnics in Singapore who have graduated from a relevant course of study for at least two years


Singaporean*    -  $438.97

*Course fees for the first Enhanced Post-Diploma Certificate course will be fully subsidised and a nominal sign-up fee of $50 will be charged for eligible Singapore Citizens

Singapore PR#   -   $1170.58

#Fees reflected exclude Miscellaneous fees


Programme Commencement: 12 Jun 2017

Programme duration:

1st and 2nd week:  Lessons from 9 am to 5 pm for 5 days

3rd week: Lessons from 9 am to 5 pm for 3 days

4th week: 1 week break for students to complete assignment and do self-study

5th week: Tests and assignment interview


Registration Period: 1 Feb 2017 - 30 Apr 2017

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Email: [email protected]