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PAy It Forward

About 40 students from the Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness (DNHW) volunteered at the "PAy It Forward" event held on 10 October 2015 at Kampong Glam Community Centre. The half-day event saw approximately 1000 needy residents from the Jalan Besar GRC participating in the activities, where they benefited from the enthusiastic sharing by students about nutrition labels. The residents learnt how to make comparisons in order to opt for healthier food choices. The DNHW students had a meaningful experience interacting with the residents whilst assisting them with their shopping purchases as well. This has certainly inspired them to continue serving and giving back to the community in the future. The "PAy It Forward" event has garnered eight media hits across various platforms such as Channel 8 and Channel U News.

“The event was a good learning experience and we got to understand some real life problems that might stop people from eating healthy. For example, we learnt that elderly cannot read the nutrition labels even if they want to, or they might not be able to afford the healthier choice products.”

Ho Kia Nam

“The event was a great experience because we got to iterate what we have learnt in class. For example, I finally understood why health issue is an issue in Singapore after listening to the elderly talk about why they don't adhere to healthy eating guidelines, whether it is because they don't know these guidelines or that they chose not to follow the guidelines even though they were aware of them.”

Kwek Hui Yi Noelle

“The event was useful for members of the public who have a genuine interest in making better choices in their diet. It also provided a chance for us to apply what we had learnt in school to benefit and educate others.”

Tan Mui Siew

“Overall, it was quite a fun experience getting to communicate with the elderly and trying to speak Chinese or some other dialects.”

Darren Goh Jun Hao


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