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SPOT Programme

Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) Programme

Do you have what it takes to be a mover and shaker? Get SPOT-ed!

The Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent or SPOT programme is a talent development programme designed to shape today's academically bright students into tomorrow's Humanitarians, Communicators, Leaders and Scholars.


All SP Scholars are automatically enrolled into the SPOT programme. Other eligible students will be invited to join SPOT based on their academic results, CCA performance and lecturers' recommendation.

Programme Highlights

In the SPOT programme, students will experience:

  • Specially-designed General Education modules in Year 2
  • Opportunities to rub shoulders with political and industrial bigwigs
  • Overseas research trips
  • A diverse range of seminars and workshops catered to maximise your potential
  • Preparation for scholarship and university applications

Experience growth in 4 key areas:

As a leader

  • Learn effective strategies of self and team leadership in a unique Leadership Camp in the Riau Islands
  • Initiate and execute projects that you are passionate about, and enthuse your peers to join you
  • Engage and serve the community
  • Listen to and be inspired by SPOT alumni and leaders from all walks of life
  • Co-organise high-profile SPOT events at the school and national level

As a communicator

  • Fine-tune your speaking, writing and networking skills
  • Interact with local and international students and hone your negotiation skills in our Youth Model ASEAN Conference (YMAC)
  • Apply to represent SP in prestigious local and overseas conferences and seminars

As a humanitarian

  • Develop a greater understanding of service learning and social enterprise in customised workshops
  • Acquire skills to plan and execute local community service projects for causes you are passionate about
  • Experience authentic learning in overseas community service trips
  • Use design thinking skills to practice social innovation for communities in need

As a scholar

  • Learn what it takes to create an impressive, well-rounded portfolio
  • Prepare yourself for scholarship interviews and psychometric tests
  • Network with past scholars and illustrious SPOT alumni

At the end of your SPOT journey, develop a unique portfolio of your SPOT achievements and experiences that will set you apart.

“The SPOT journey has definitely enriched me with skills that cannot be learnt through classroom activities. I am really fortunate to be part of SPOT and SPOT is definitely one of the reasons that has made my learning in SP memorable and exciting!”
Nur Isyana Binte Isaman | (SP Scholar) | Graduate of Diploma in Media & Communication, 2012

“SPOT is like an exciting roller-coaster ride with many thrilling elements. It launches one high up into the skies to explore the world from different perspectives; it dives deep into the ground for an authentic experience of reality, and gives one a full spectrum of exposure along the breathtaking ride.  Being a SPOT student goes beyond achieving stellar academic results, flying around the globe or attending high-profile conferences. It is about embarking on an enriching journey to learn and be nurtured as a well-rounded leader with a keen sense of empathy.  The unique, holistic approaches of the SPOT programme have molded me into a confident, sharp and fun individual.”
Shamus Lee Tai Lin | (SPOT Programme Student) | Graduate of Diploma in Biotechnology, 2012



Getting to know one another at SPOT Orientation

SPOT represents SP at Harvard Model United Nations Conference

SPOT team taking questions at the Pre-University Seminar

SPOT serves the community at Operation Shangri-la





SPOT is managed by the School of Communication, Arts & Social Sciences (CASS).

For further information, do contact:

Mr Kenneth XY Lee
Tel: 6870 8236
Email: [email protected]

Ms Yang Shiao Qi
Tel: 6879 0334
Email: [email protected]