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Toy Design Competition.17 (TDC.17) - Official Launch Online

Put on your thinking caps. Play with a variety of materials and create original concepts out of them.

Feb 17

ABE Graduation Show 2017

‘Stretto’ and ‘Interlude’ are the themes this year for the annual exhibition organized by Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Architecture & Diploma in Landscape Architecture, respectively. This exhibition provides a good platform for students to showcase their design projects, which tackles residential & commercial typologies for Diploma in Architecture and user-centric landscape designs for Diploma in Landscape Architecture.

21 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Educators Networking

Build friendship, learn about Engineering as a career, visit EEE facilities and interact with engineering projects.

8 Mar 17

Joint Graduation Show

Singapore Polytechnic's inaugural Joint Graduation Show is a showcase of projects by outstanding students from School of Communications, Arts & Social Sciences and the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology.

10 - 11 Mar 17

Educator Workshop

Hone your facilitation skills for your design and technology (D&T) students at the workshop for Educators.

13 - 14 Mar 17

EAE Workshop for Students

Join us at SP Design School to build a strong portfolio and have a first hand experience on what life is like as a design student on campus.

13 - 14 Mar 17

Creative Series Workshop

The workshops cover knowledge and hands-on activities under a spectrum of design disciplines that SP Design School offers.

16 Mar 17

Learning Journeys at SP Design School 2017

Learning Journeys at SP Design School 2017

13 - 16 Mar 17

Unlimited Diploma Grad Show 2017

Documenting students' development from Year 1 to Year 3, a testament to our students' creative growth from infancy to maturity.

9 - 18 Mar 17

DMIT Graduation Show 2017

A graduation showcase by the students from the Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Information Technology & Diploma in Infocomm Security Management from the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology.

Mar 17

Communication 101

Learn to stand out from the crowd with one of our power-packed workshops!

Mar 17

Toy Design Competition.17 Autodesk Inventor Training Workshops

Students will be trained within 2 days to design transport toys such as aircrafts using Autodesk Inventor software.

Mar 17

Monsterize Workshop

We help your students level up their drawing skills in this fun half-day workshop. The best works will then be digitally painted by our top student artists as a reward.

May 17

Future of Transportation Challenge

A 2-day programme, with training to guide students in building and programming an autonomous vehicle for a race at the end of the programme.

6 - 7 Jun 2017

Music Fiesta

Do you have students who have the passion for music and the talent in songwriting? Here's the chance for them to do what they love and learn more about music at the same time!

Jun 17

Effects Makeup Workshop

Students will acquire and apply basic skills in effects makeup to create realistic-looking visual effects!

Jun 17

National Earthquake Competition 2017

Form a team to build a model of an earthquake-resistant building.

Jul 17

Toy Design Competition.17 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Touch and play with the Top 15 winning entries of each of the 2 competition categories: Automata and Aircraft.

Jul 17

SP Engineering Camp 2017

Discover and appreciate the importance of engineering through hands-on role-playing games.

18 Nov 17