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Bringing out Truth through Music

Read about Alex Wang and how he turns his music into a business enterprise.


At 15, he wrote his first song titled "Tell Me Why", which was about his first crush in school. Now at 27, Alex Wang has composed hundreds of songs and has just launched his second album "Veritas" with the revenue that he had earned from his two business entities - enterprise/music that arranges and composes songs, and Empathy Productions, which deals with interactive web design and training courses.


Currently a third-year Business Administration student at the National University of Singapore, Alex does everything with panache. He personally oversaw every detail of the launch of his CD from the designing, recording and photography to sending his music to Germany for professional mastering.


"Veritas is different from the first album. It has more substance, and there's a storyline to follow as you go from song to song. I see it more as a concept album revolving around 'Truth' - which is the theme," he explained.


He certainly learnt from the experience he gained in the launch of his first album "Someday" in 2003. There were distribution problems as no record company wanted to pick up the works of local artistes. With no proper channel to move the album off the shelves, he had to get more performing stints to expose his music to the public.


Song-writing may be second nature for him, and his business sense may complement it, but Alex admits that it is tough in this small market to make it big. But he shrugs, "Failure is no big deal. It's no big monster, really."


Things are looking up. A song he wrote in 2001 to mark the his final year of studies in SP made it to the top ten list in the "Our Story, Our Chords, Our Song" North East Original Song Composition & MV Award 2005 organised by Northeast CDC.


When asked how he wishes to be remembered as a performer, he quipped: "I want to be known as someone who writes with honesty - one who writes with soul and intent, with thoughts, feeling and emotions." Surely one day his dream of moving people through music will come true as he sings from his heart.


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