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Staff and Student Games

It's face-off between my lecturer and I!


The one day when  students can forget that their lecturers were lecturers: Annual Staff-Student Games day. On this day, students had to devise ways and methods to compete with this bunch of people who have been their mentor throughout their stay in SP.


This is the second time that the staff-student games have been organised. The games, held on 23 Nov, saw a total of 330 staff and students in some 13 different sports and games.


The sports included popular sports such as football, basketball and even golf!


"The purpose of organising these games is to give staff and students the opportunity to come together in a friendly environment, outside the classroom," said Chairman for the Staff-Student Games and Director for the School of Business, Mr V Maheantharan.


"This means that students will now see their lecturers in a different light, more as a competitor in a competition," he added.


Mr Maheantharan also added that through such activities it would encourage better rapport between staff and students as well as promote a healthy lifestyle among the SP population.


You would have thought that the students would have no problems beating the more senior opponents, given their youth and exuberance. But the students had to overcome various handicaps, in order to make the competition fairer.


So after two hours of stiff competition at three different locations on campus, SP staff capitalised on the advantage they had over the students and defeated the students with an overall score of 11 to 3.


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