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Catch the best of student innovations!

See mosquito larvae 'killed' by tank, race like F1 champs in 2-metre high simulator and other student innovations at Spinnovex 2008 - a showcase of the best works by SP students.


The tank made its way slowly into the dark recesses of the building's rooftop with its powered infra-red camera. Once the target is spotted, the tank immediately releases a deadly substance and kills it.

Sounds like something out of a terrorist movie? It is actually an invention of 19-year-old Singapore Polytechnic student Du Zhenglin and his 5 project mates. The team, working with National Environment Agency, took 4 months to complete the Anti-Dengue Surveillance Vehicle (ADSV). Able to reach previously inaccessible areas, the ADSV has been tested at water-tanks on roof-tops.

You can also race the streets of an imaginary city in a one-of-its-kind motion simulator which measures over 2 metres in height. The machine, made by third-year student Shaun Chng, can manoeuvre and tilt in multiple directions to simulate the actual forces and displacements felt during racing.  Powered by a complex system of electro-pneumatics, it provides gamers with an authentic and totally immersive experience.

Zhenglin and Shaun's projects are among 105 innovations to be showcased at Spinnovex - Singapore Polytechnic's biggest innovation exhibition this coming Thursday 10 January 2008. Aimed to better our everyday lives, these innovations are final-year projects which are categorised into Industry, Consumer, R&D, Environment, Life Sciences and Robotics. 30% of the projects are industry-based projects and are likely to be commercialised.

Some other notable projects include:

  • Microwaveable heat-pack for pain relief
  • Mechanised rubbish chute for disabled
  • Bird-proof ledge for buildings

Visit the Spinnovex exhibition at the SP Open House from 10 - 12 January 2008, 10am - 6pm.


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