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Making 'green' waves for the environment

Students from the School of the Built Environment have garnered several top prizes in the tertiary category of the Greenwave Competition, organized by Sembawang Shipyard.

The Greenwave Environmental Care Competition aims to involve the community at large, particularly students, to participate in learning and caring, protecting, maintaining and positively utilizing our environment so that individually and together, we can contribute towards the conservation and improvement of our environment for Singapore's sustainable development. 

Third year students from the Diploma in Property Development and Facilities Management - Teong Wei Lun Gerald, Lee Ke Wei and Tham Mei Wen - walked away with the second place and S$6,000.00 for their project "Mosquito Dunk Dispenser". While there have been many dengue cases in Singapore last year and the current rife of chikungunya fever, this gadget will help tremendously in eliminating aedes larvae in roof gutters and hard-to-reach corners. This dispenser will also provide convenience to NEA authorities or house owners as they need not actively man the dispenser for up to a year.

Power Scavenger, which converts waste frictional energy on the road to electrical energy won Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering students Khairul Anwar Bin Ahmad Basha, Pang Toh Wee and  Augustine Ashley Santhanam the third place and a S$4,000.00 prize.

The merit award went to Coolbicle, a 2-in-1 toilet flushing system that integrates a urinal system with a hand washing facility, which was the brainchild of Yeo Jun Ning, Joanna Lim Zhengao and Justin Chan Kit Yong, all from the Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering course.

Diploma in Property Development & Facilities Management students Tan Huifen, Lim Ai Chia and Tan Ying Jie also won a consolation prize for their sun-shading device that can move in respond to changing directions of the sun at different times of the day.

The awards were presented at a prize ceremony held on 22 Jan 08.


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