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New options, more choices for you!

In addition to 6 new diploma courses offered this year, SP has new options and concentrations to complement our existing diploma courses.



Diploma in Bioengineering
- Bio-manufacturing Option
- Sports and Rehabilitation Option

The Diploma in Bioengineering course provides you with a balanced grounding in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences.

Bioengineers plays an important role in the bio-manufacturing sectors by ensuring that the pharmaceutical, medical and vision industries meet with strict manufacturing processes.

Bioengineers can also contribute to the sports and rehabilitation industries by learning to assess human performance and designing and developing equipment to enhance human performance in sports or developing and maintaining medical devices to enhance the quality of life for the growing aged and disabled community.

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Diploma in Business Administration
- International Business and Trade Option

The broad-based and engaging curriculum provides students with a solid grounding in the core business disciplines and the requisite knowledge and skills of international business and trade to prepare students for careers in an international setting.

All students shall go on an Overseas Business Study Mission to witness and experience first-hand how international business and trade are being conducted, explore potential business opportunities and network with business people.

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Diploma in Digital Media
- Computer Generated Effects Option

Consumption of electronic games, digital animation, and special effects is growing at an impressive rate. The government will strengthen investments in technology R&D, tools, platform development and explore new genres in the Animation, Games and Effects subsector.

The course will equip you with skills to meet the demand for creative talents in visual effects especially in the integration of CG content and live action. It will combine the art of creating CG content with the craft of filmmaking.

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Diploma in Information Communication Technology
- Web Technology and Services Option

The course covers the growing demand of interactive web services deployment in businesses. You will learn to leverage on Internet and related technologies to bring e-services and digital contents to end users. You will learn to be the architect and developer of web services systems that connect businesses and people seamlessly across the Internet.

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Diploma in Information Technology
- Hospitality and Tourism Option

Singapore Tourism Board has set the goal to double visitor arrivals to 17 million; and to create 100,000 additional tourism related jobs by 2015. To contribute to the goal, the Singapore iN2015 Masterplan has proposed to leverage on infocomm to transform the tourism and retail sectors, differentiating Singapore as a leading travel destination. This option aims to produce infocomm graduates with domain knowledge in the Hospitality and Tourism industries to support the strategies outlined in iN2015.

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Diploma in Media and Communication
- Concentrations in (1) Radio and TV Production, and (2) Advertising Creative Services

While the Diploma in Media and Communication course offers a broad-based curriculum covering the basic important areas of mass communication such as journalism, public relations and advertising, students want more. And so, from this year, two new concentrations will be offered.

These two new areas complement our existing modules that deal with both the practice and theory of Media and Communication.

Currently, our modules cover all the essential areas required to equip students for challenging careers in public relations, advertising, integrated communication and journalism.

Other modules tackle the business aspects, dealing with the business and marketing principles as well as law.  Technology modules add to the high-octane curriculum.

And now our two new concentrations offer a wider choice, allowing students to explore more areas of interest.  What if you are not a radio, TV or advertising creative type?  You are free to choose other modules from our large basket of electives.

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