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New ways to achieve your dream

Six new courses to start you on your journey to success.


Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology

If you have a keen interest in drama and want to contribute meaningfully to the community, then answer this call! You can make a difference in the lives and relationships of children, youth, families and even co-workers. You will learn how applied drama and psychology can be used to enrich lives.

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Diploma in Clean Energy

The future of mankind is in your hands, so to speak! You can play a part in tackling global warming by making clean energy, such as energy from the sun or wind, a viable and attractive alternative.

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Diploma in Financial Informatics

If you like the numbers game, then take the calculated step and gain knowledge in business and IT at the same time. You can be a technostrategist who knows how to use the power of IT to solve complex problems in financial services.

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Diploma in Food Science and Technology

Behind some of your trendy food and drinks are people who researched and worked very hard to create them. In fact, products like the Lemonsi Delight drink, inulin-infused chocolates and XO Kaya were developed by Singapore Polytechnic students. Will you be the one to create the next global food phenomenon?

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Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology

Interested in helping people maximise their potential at work? Or in dealing with their work-related challenges? The only full-time diploma of its kind in a local polytechnic, this course helps you to fill the need for competent human resource professionals with a good foundation in business.

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Diploma in Resort Facilities Services and Management

It is the dream of every child to have a fun time bouncing from one amusement ride to another. Now, you have the chance to make that dream come true for millions! You will be one of the pioneers trained in providing mechanical, electrical and building services for integrated resorts and other attractions as well as large buildings.

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