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A "How-to" Workshop for students in the Library

By Charlotte Toh, Librarian


As part of the continuing engagement process between the Singapore Polytechnic Library and students to make use of library resources for their coursework, a "How-to" Workshop was organised for first year international students for the first time on 1 November 2006.


39 first year students from the Self-Access module took their learning out of the classroom and participated in an afternoon of fun-filled "how-to" activities which required them to search for relevant information from the library's collection in the Colours Zone.

The range of activities required the students to either pair off with someone whom they did not know or work in a team of 4-5. Divided into 3 segments, students were given worksheets painted with different scenarios. The teams had to locate suitable books from the Colours Zone and pick up relevant information on the following topics:

  • spend a good time in France
  • overcome feelings of sadness
  • manage time and anger
  • improve your self-image
  • find the right treatment for eating disorder
  • find a suitable martial arts activity

Facilitated by their lecturers from the Department of Language and Communications, Cyrine and Melinda, the students not only learnt from the librarians how to use the library catalogue effectively to search for suitable materials, but also became more familiar with the collection and layout of the Colours Zone.

At the end of the workshop, students warmed up to one another and some even exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in touch with each other.

According to Cyrine and Melinda, there are plans to hold another 2-3 more of such workshops in December in the library again! It will probably be called How to .........( Part Two) and How To......(Sequel)


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