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A View from the Other Side

SMIT students showcase their creativity through the production of Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP) short film.


Psychoses is a serious and potentially chronic mental disorders with a profound impact on patients, their families and society. Worldwide, they rank third among the most disabling conditions (possibly the most costly disorder to treat) and impose an enormous burden in economic cost and human suffering. There are several types of psychotic disorders, the most severe of which is schizophrenia, which afflicts 1% of the general population.


Early detection and treatment, however, could lead to a better outcome in terms of reduced morbidity, mortality and costs. A recent meta-analysis (Perkins et al., 2005) published late this year showed that a shorter duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) – defined as the time between the onset of the first psychotic symptoms and the first adequate treatment – is related to a greater response to treatment and functional outcomes. Studies have shown that people do recover from psychosis, especially when the illness is identified and treated early.


Unfortunately, those with psychosis usually experience considerable delay in receiving treatment. Locally, the average DUP was at least 2.5 years during which considerable damage would have been wrought.

So in order to reach out to more youths to raise awareness about Psychosis, students from Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Media & Info-Communications Technology were tasked by the Institute of Mental Health to showcase their creativity through the production of a 15-minute short film for their Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP).


The short film was officially launched to an enthusiastic crowd on 29 July 06 from 2-4pm at the Youth Park.

The film, which is part of public awareness strategy, aims to make an impact on the level of awareness of psychosis and the need to seek treatment early. EPIP will give a copy of our students’ work to each school (Secondary, JC and tertiary institutions).


Click here to watch the video.


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