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Bringing new hope to Lebanese children

Some 150 Singapore Polytechnic students sacrificed their weekend to help Mercy Relief pack 10,000 playpacks to be sent to Lebanese children.


The public may be aware about Singapore Polytechnic's many charitable projects from the humanitarian relief efforts from the recent Tsunami Relief work to the South Asian Earthquake or our many other fund raising efforts for countless organisations.

But what may not be know is that all these efforts are underpinned by one of SP CORE values which is Care and Concern. Care and Concern from the less fortunate in our community to the world at large be it from Africa to China.

Never failing to respond to a call in need, some 150 students sacrificed their precious week-end to help Mercy Relief pack 10,000 playpacks to be sent to Lebanese children.

Each playpack which costs about $10 consists of a school bag filled with 20 items like stationary, toys and hygiene packs. 150 student volunteers started packing these bags from 24 - 26 November at the Concourse, T1A, Singapore Polytechnic.

This project was undertaken by the Community Service & Cultural Club and the SP Student's Union with support from the other constituent clubs.


Students formed two "assembly lines" and passed the haversack bag from one station to another until all the items were filled into the bag and a gift with well wishes to the Lebanese children which were penned earlier by Singaporean school children.

The items will be shipped out in early December and are expected to arrive in Lebanon in January 2007. The playpacks will be received by the Singapore consulate in Lebanon pending the arrival of volunteers from Mercy Relief to oversee the distribution of the playpacks. These details were revealed to Singapore Polytechnic by Andrew Ang, Head, Communications, Community & Youth Engagement, Mercy Relief who was on-hand at Singapore Polytechnic view the splendid job being performed by the students.

Mr Ang thanked Singapore Polytechnic for providing such a conducive place for the packing of the playpacks.

This is the first time that Mercy Relief and Singapore Polytechnic have joined hands in this sort of partnership and it certainly looks like the start of a new long-term relationship between the two organisations.


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