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Clash of the Titans

Computron Our SP teams did very well at the NUS Computron06 Quiz. One team came in 1st and another team 3rd in the Tertiary Category of the multiple choice quiz, and in the Robocom Competition team, Singapore Polytechnic (SP22) came in first! 


Computron Quiz is an annual national computing competition organised by NUS Students' Computing Club. Participants are invited from the student populations of the secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities, making Computron a very large-scale event. The theme for this year's competition was "Wars of the Titans".

Besides providing a platform for promising students in the IT field to demonstrate their knowledge, Computron Quiz also aims to kindle interest and passion amongst students for IT and computing courses and careers. Also, students got to hone their IT skills and pit them against one another.


Teams had to battle three gruelling rounds, which tested their abilities to the fullest.

At the end of the day, our SP teams did very well at the NUS Computron06 Quiz. One team came in 1st and another team 3rd in the Tertiary Category.

The top scorer in the multiple choice round went to Kui Thia Aung from Singapore Polytechnic.


Results of Tertiary Category

1st - Singapore Polytechnic (Super Nova) (Consisting of Kyi Tha Aung and team-mates)

2nd - Singapore Institute of Management (Animal E-farm)

3rd - Singapore Polytechnic (SP22) (Consisting of Henri Tay and team-mates)

Top Scorer for MCQ Round - Kyi Thia Aung (Singapore Polytechnic)


In the Robocom Competition, our Robocom Team - Singapore Polytechnic (SP22) came in first. What is Robocom, you may ask? Robocom is a programming game in which players have to create an assembler-like program for their robot and fight with others. The goal of this game is to eliminate all opponents while functioning yourself. The robots will be simulated in virtual environment.

RoboCom is not a military game! There is nothing like weapons: the only way to influence another robot is to transfer program code. And that makes it particularly interesting. The programming language is easy to learn. However, it provides an amazingly wide spectrum of different strategies, which are all successful in another way.

Our congratulations to our students and lecturers from SMIT.


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