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Excellence Awards 2006 - Group

There are 4 recipients for the award under the Group Category section.


Photo of SP Chinese Orchestra

The Excellence in Service Award for Arts & Culture is awarded to the SP Chinese Orchestra for the second consecutive year. Apart from performing at internal and external events, they were also invited by Star Cruise on numerous occasions to perform to an international audience on board the SuperStar Virgo. The Chinese Orchestra has also injected community service into its activities by giving performances at old folks' homes.



Photo of Singapore Polytechnic Students' Union

The Singapore Polytechnic Students' Union is the recipient of this year's Excellence in Service Award for the Campus Activities. The Union has contributed much to campus vibrancy by organising numerous activities for the student body. They have also helped to raise general awareness about the numerous student interest groups on campus during the CCA week.



Photo of Community Service & Cultural Club

The Excellence in Service Award for Community Service is given to the Community Service & Cultural Club (CSCC). CSCC has been very active in organising community service projects involving underprivileged children, Down Syndrome youths and the elderly. Besides helping to promote a good image of SP to the general public through their activities, they have also contributed extensively to a vibrant campus by actively supporting SP events and other club activities. CSCC was awarded the Excellence in Service Awards for the Campus Activities the year before.



Photo of SP Archery Club

The Excellence in Service Award for Sports Interest is given to SP Archery Club. The archery club actively promotes the sport to the general student body and emphasizes the SP CORE as these values are directly related to their sports. The determination and commitment of its members are key factors in helping the club achieve the Excellence in Service Award.


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