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Excellence Awards 2006 - Model Student Award

The 16 recipients of the Model Student Award are as follow:


  Photo of Ng Li Ping

Ng Li Ping


Dip in Mechanical Engineering (MM)


Li Ping is one of 5 students shortlisted for PSC scholarship. He was on Honour Roll (top 5%) in his 1st and 2nd year of studies and scored 17 distinctions, 16 As and 1B.


Unlike most SP students, Li Ping did not go through the normal education system. He completed his high school education in Singapore through the American correspondence school, A Beka Academy.


Through self-study and coaching from his parents, he achieved above-average results. Li Ping comes from a family of 8 siblings, where the oldest is 30 and youngest in primary school. He started work at an early age of 16 to lessen his parents’ financial situation. His jobs ranged from being a painter to being a mechanic apprentice to settling up scaffolds and doing masonry work. He worked as an IT Customer Support Officer at SP before and during his student years at SP. He is currently running his own business in PC assembly and servicing.


Li Ping also served as a volunteer in the Aljunied-Hougang YEC since 2002. He carried out community projects for Grace Haven and others.


During his 2.5 years of NS beginning 2000, Li Ping won the ‘Platoon Best’ award while performing his Basic Military Training and was awarded ‘Best in Physical Training’ in the 41st officer cadet course. For his outstanding performance, he was commissioned as an officer in 2001 and subsequently assigned to be an Officer Cadet School instructor.


Photo of Peh Xue Yun

Peh Xue Yun

Dip in Banking & Financial Services (SB)


An intelligent and outstanding student who scored 22 distinctions, 7 As and 2 Bs in her 2.5 years in poly.


Xue Yun is one of the 5 students shortlisted for PSC scholarship.


A humbled girl with great strength and determination, she went through education with a single parent when her dad walked out on the family when she was 9 years old.


In the 10 years of education, she received many scholarships and bursaries due to her exemplary behaviour and academic result.

  Photo of Wong De Shun

Wong De Shun

Dip in Multimedia Technology (SMIT)


De Shun, a PSC nominee, scored 19 distinctions, 6As and 3Bs. He showed great ability in all aspects of multimedia development, especially in the programming area. He showed very good interpersonal skills in leading his final year project team to produce a number of professional standard mini-games, currently available as part of the online game environment Hyper Relay. He was also a finalist in the World Skills Competition Singapore 2004 (IT Software Applications).


De Shun was the treasurer of the SP Student Entrepreneur Club AY2004/2005 and helped an SP alumnus to sell his self-published comic books. While attached to Nokia Singapore, his supervisor gave him an outstanding commendation: “ I would like to single out one particular student, Wong De Shun, for the high quality of work and innovation that he has delivered. He was an extremely fast learner, required very little guidance, showed a lot of initiatives and worked very well with the rest of our team. I believe De Shun will do very well in his future endeavours and would be a great asset to any organisation.”


During the Model Student interview, De Shun struck the selection panel as someone who is matured in his thoughts and has a lot of integrity.


Photo of Ali Razeen

Ali Razeen

Dip in Information Communication Technology (EEE)


Ali scored 20 distinctions, 6As and 3Bs in the 5 semesters and entered the Director’s Honours Roll in his 1st and 2nd year of study.


He was awarded the Cisco System Book prize and selected as a PPR&D student.


Ali is very active as a SP-CYA member and is working towards his NYAA Gold Award.


He also represented SP in the Polytechnic Forum 2004 in Thailand.


Photo of Ang Pei Yi

Ang Pei Yi

Dip in Accountancy (SB)


Pei Yi is yet another PSC nominee.


Besides performing consistently well in her studies, she is actively involved in the BP Mentoring scheme.


Pei Yi contributed her time in 2005 to assist members of the public to complete tax returns as part of the Student Volunteer E-filing Services Scheme coordinated by IRAS.


Photo of Ang Ronghui, Louis

Ang Ronghui, Louis

Dip in Architecture (DE)


Being an excellent student, Louis achieved the School of Design and Environment Prize for 2 consecutive years.


He displayed his leadership skill by being the Organising Chairman for the SPAC2GO tracking expeditions in 2003 and 2004.


Louis represented SP in the overseas Youth Exchange Programme, Hong Kong City University in 2004 and Polytechnic Forum 2005, JB.


Photo of Chen Hui Ting

Chen Hui Ting

Dip in Banking & Financial Services (SB)


Hui Ting scored 8 distinctions, 10 As and 11 Bs and was an Honour Roll student. She was awarded the PAP Community Foundation Award in 2004 and SB Scholarship in 2005.


She facilitated at various poly-wide events such as the JAE, SP Experience, enrolment, Poly 50 and many more. Hui Ting showed her leadership skill in helping to organise the SPRC Training Camp in 2004 and 2005. She represented SP in overseas Youth Exchange Programme in 2003 and Polytechnic Forum 2004, Bangkok.


For achievement, Hui Ting was awarded the NYAA Gold Award in 2004 and was chosen to be the student speaker for the NYAA Gold Award Ceremony 2004.


Hui Ting has a handicapped brother and father who suffered stroke. She came from a very humble family background where her mother was the sole bread winner. Despite financial difficulty, Hui Ting has very positive attitude and outlook, and excels in all aspects of her life.


Photo of Ekalavya Arora

Ekalavya Arora

Dip in Chemical Engineering (CLS)


Apart from good academic results, Eka is an outstanding student leader as the Vice Presdient of SP- Changi Youth Ambassador (CYA), Vice President of SP Environment Club and Quarter Master of SP Comperes.


Eka is also a class representative for all six semesters throughout and represented SP in the 2005 Poytechnic Forum.


Eka is currently completing his 2006 NYAA Gold Award. In 2004, he won himself a prestigious award fully sponsored by HSBC/NYAA to studeny Koala Ecology in Australia.


Photo of Hong Chun Mun

Hong Chun Mun

Dip in Maritime Transportation Management (SMA)


An outstanding academic performer with 22 distinctions, 5 As and 3 Bs. His academic performance is exemplary, and he was awarded the SMA prize for academic excellence in AY2004/2005.


While attached to NOL during his internship, he received excellent feedback from his supervisors. He is sincere, caring, helpful, has high personal integrity and often helps academically weaker students.


Although CCA points were not awarded, he accompanied his lecturers on visits to the geriatric ward 66 of IMH on several occasions for providing community services. Chun Mun also helped in a number of SPAN and maritime networking events.


Photo of Isaac Koh Zhao Jin

Isaac Koh Zhao Jin

Dip in Aeronautical Engineering (MM)


Yet another PSC nominee, Isaac scored 5 distinctions, 20 As and 8 Bs. He ranked 7th out of 128 students in his first year Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Course and was placed on the Honour Roll (top 5%).


His PPR&D project entitled ‘Foot Massager Shoe’ was submitted for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award 2005.


Due to his display of initiative and leadership qualities, he was appointed student camp commandment for the GYL 2005 camp.


Besides representing SP in the Polytechnic Forum 2004 and SW CDC Worldview Youth Conference 2004, Isaac also took part in the Gawad Kalinga Housing , Philippines overseas community service in 2003.


Photo of Kelvin Keegan Chong Yeow Wei

Kelvin Keegan Chong Yeow Wei

Dip in Electronics, Computer & Communication Engineering (EEE)


Kelvin was twice nominated as Model Student by his academic school. He bagged four distinctions, 18As and 5B and received SP scholarship/bursary from Lee Foundation and was listed in the Director’s Honour Roll.


In 2005, he was awarded Excellence in Service Award in Community Service for his outstanding contribution in CYA, and Rotaract Club.


Besides local community service, Kelvin also embarked on 3 overseas community service projects with his school. They are SP-EEE Children Playground Project, Concepcion, Philippines, SP-EEE Gawad Kalinga Housing Project and SP-EEE Gawad Kalinga-residential & street lighting Project, Concepcion, Philippines.


Photo of Koh Pei Zhi

Koh Pei Zhi

Dip in Chemical Engineering (CLS)


Pei Zhi was awarded certificates of commendation from the school of CSL for outstanding performance in AY2003/2004 and AY2004/2005.


She topped her course of study in AY2003/2004 and was awarded the Sumitomo Chemical Singapore Award.


Pei Zhi is the secretary of the SP-CYA and is working towards her NYAA Gold award.


Besides the CYA, Pei Zhi also demonstrated her leadership skills in being the secretary of SP-BP Mentoring Club, the Organising Member of the CLS D & D2003, and a committee member in the CLS club.


She also represented SP in the Singapore- Miyazaki Friendship Exchange Programme 2003.


Photo of Lim Chan Leng

Lim Chan Leng

Dip in Civil & Structural Engineering (DE)


Chan Leng scored 3 distinctions, 18 As and 5Bs.


He was given the OCBC Merits Award for being the top student in Year 1 in Diploma in Civil and Structuring Engineering and received a $1000 Tan Sri Runme Shaw Bursary.


In Year 2, he was given the Director’s Honour Roll. In his CCA achievements, he was the class representative for a consecutive 3 years, and in 2004, was awarded Sports Award (Certificate of Merit).


In the Singapore River Raft Race, his team was two times champion in the Open Category.

Chan Leng was involved in a number of overseas projects such as the ITP cum residential project in Philippines (he was the worksite in-charge), Gawad Kalinga Housing Project in Philippines, expedition to Taman Negara with DE club and GYL 2005 camp.


Chan Leng was also the President of Civil Engineer CAD Hub. He is very active in Track & Field and was the Champion in Poly 50 while representing SP Track and Field. Teaming up with underprivileged children, he also represented SP Track and Field in the South-West Aquathlon.


Photo of Mohamed Azfar bin Mohaned Taib

Mohamed Azfar bin Mohaned Taib

Dip in Electronics, Computer & Communication Engineering (EEE)


Azfar bagged one distinction, 19 As and 5 Bs for the 5 semesters. He was selected to take up additional modules such as the PPR&D and Higher Engineering Mathematics. He also took up extra language modules during his first and second year, Chinese Language I and II, and scored a distinction and a merit.


Azfar participated in an overseas community service trip in building a children’s playground in the community of Concepcion of Iloilo, Philippines.


He is very active in CCA – especially in the Malay Language Society (MLS) and as a SPARC member. In 2003, he was a management committee member of MLS and performed in a number of SP 50th anniversary events. He represented SP in the Polytechnic Forum 2005 in JB.


Photo of Mok Kuan Ngai Alvin

Mok Kuan Ngai Alvin

Dip in Electrical & Computer Control Engineering (EEE)


Alvin is among the top 5% of the 2nd year cohort in Diploma in Electrical & Computer Control Engineering and scored at least 5 Distinctions, 18 As and 4 Bs. He has been selected to undergo the PPR&D module and is placed on the Director’s Honors List for 2004/2005.


Alvin is the President of the Library Club and a class leader for all his 3 years in poly. He ensures a well-established bond between students and library and facilitated the Library’s role to become the students' partner-in-learning.


Photo of Ong Jian Long

Ong Jian Long

Dip in Building & Property Management (DE)


Jian Long was consistently in the top ten per cent of his cohort. For his meritorious academic performance, he was presented the Academic Achievement Award by DE.


Jian Long is a responsible member of SPARC and holds a management committee member position in the club. He is also very active as the Organising Chairman of the Freshmen Orientation Programme 2003, for DE Club and an Organising Member of DE D & D 2003. He represented SP in the Polytechnic Forum 2004.


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