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First regional guppy competition drew fish hobbyists from China, Taiwan and Malaysia

It is Jointly Held with the First National Pleco Competition and National Betta Competitions
Dr Yeo Chor Tzien, President Guppy Club Singapore viewing a couple of the over 800 fishes on display.

And the winner... Patrick with his prized Blue Grass guppies.

More than 800 Guppies, Plecos and Bettas strutted their colourful bodies, tails and fins to catch the judges’ attention in a three in one ornamental fish competition. These fishes will be vying for solo, couple (male & female) and group titles.
From 1 to 3 December, members of the public feasted their eyes on these beauties at Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences at the Gallery of block T11A.  Pedigree strains of the fishes with eye-catching colours and unique features were on display. A variety of marine fishes were also exhibited.
For those keen on fish rearing as a hobby, experts and accomplished hobbyists conducted seminars to share strategies on nurturing these tropical fishes.
The Aquaria Competition and Exhibition was jointly organised by Singapore Polytechnic and the Guppy, Betta, Pleco and Marine Fish hobbyists Clubs. This was the first time an institution of higher learning and the four fish hobbyists clubs partnered for an event to promote interest in the rearing of fishes.
Singapore Polytechnic has been engaging in the study of fish agri-science for more than 20 years.

German Red Lace
Platinum Double Sword
Blue Grass
Metal Red Lace
Black Mosaic Tuxedo  
White Tuxedo


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